a brand new home

by month’s end, i will be moving to a brand new home – my dream home!

will be busy by then.. but i am already thinking of a new theme for this blog too. my poor, poor abandoned blog. *Ü*

every journey begins with a single step

lately, bunny has been really busy ‘modifying’ his guitar (a sapetar) that he spent almost every night browsing for stuff that i have no idea what it was. it was probably some DIY sites coz i believe i heard the words “spray”, “matte”, “instant dry” came out of his computer speakers. 😛

which brings me to a thought: he wants/plans to buy a hardcase for his guitar that would cost him about $300! yes, it’s THAT expensive coz it’s supposed to be a custom-made hardcase. sigh… wouldn’t it be easier if i could just get those classical guitar case at WWBW for him at Christmas? too bad he doesn’t play classic guitar. he owns a custom-made sapetar!

maybe, just maybe, that it’s a good thing too. i can use the money on my own. muahahahha. christmas is still a long way to go. still got time to save money mah. hihihihih

lovely saturday it is

here comes saturday. yay!! i think i’m gonna take a break from work today and spend time with my dog. ha ha. last night (at midnight), he woke me up coz he wanted to have supper. despite my gastric pain, i got up and fix (well – bunny fixed his supper coz i woke him up. lol) him his supper. i tried sitting down beside my dog while he eats, but my stomach hurts so much, i just left the light on. once he’s done eating, i turned it off.

this morning, he woke me up as early as 7am! oh well.. he didn’t know that it’s saturday and that his mommy doesn’t work on saturday.

so yeah, not gonna go on site today but will be spending time with my dog.

what’s your saturday plan?

ooh la la

what i worked on recently.


i seriously think i should start another business related to this. lol


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