Jalan-Jalan Kota Melaka (Final)

Continuation from my previous Melaka trip photos. :B

Ruins of St. Paul’s church

St. Paul’s church view from the side

(Click on the thumbnail to read)

St. Francis Xavier, a regular visitor of St. Paul’s church.
Someone broke the statue’s hand, apparently -_-
(Yes, Miriam.. he’s from Spain!! :D)

My fav place to visit…:P

2 of the few Dutch graves left.
No eerie feelings at all here..

Street musician. He plays very nice music from his harmonica.

Fort A Famosa. Built in the year 1511 by the Portuguese.

The back side of the fort.




What’s left of the Fort A Famosa..


  1. hehe… nice pictures u got there. went there countless of times, including at nite. I alwasy get the eerie feeling at nite whenever i go near this place, even if i just pass by. there was this once, at nite, a friend of mine, she climbed up to the top of the hill. lol… a bunch of my friends went up and pull her down. she said she was fascinated by something on top there. the something remain mystery until now… lol…

  2. Ian : Wow, that must be “something”!! Did she say anything about it later? I like this kind of stories! Hmm.. maybe I should try passing by this place at night… 😛

  3. she didnt remember what the something was. maybe you can do an ‘edisi siasat’ to find out what the something is… lol… try lepak2 there…

  4. Ian : LOL!! If I can find a friend who’s brave enough to go with me, I WILL! :B

  5. yeahh.. maybe you should lepak there at night! who knows what you might ‘feel’.. or better yet, bring ‘Third-Eye Jacq’ there! :B

    btw, i like the pics. what camera you using? is it the new one you said you wanted to get last time you mentioned?

  6. Ratu Syura : LOL yeah, I should probably lepak there once a while. :B

    Oh, you like the pics? *heehee* Thank you. I’m still using my current camera, the Kodak Easyshare V610. I still haven’t got the new camera because I’m still deciding between Nikon D40x or Nikon P200. LOL!

  7. hah? that Kodak Easyshare V610 can do effects just like in your pictures? I like the last picture the most…the building looks like a toy house…and the ppl inside mcm itu miniature dolls…hehe…

  8. lol… if you happen to go mlk again n im free, ie; no exams, midterm break, weekends… can do the edisi siasat… lol…

  9. gambar yang ada muka ko ndada kah?? :-)

  10. Julian : I ni pemalu bah…. :love:

  11. cin, the street musician still there aah .lols..last time i went there was last year..hmm nice trip actually..but kinda bored bila u go there more than 3 times ody lols..

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