Bubur Labu

Gara-gara nampak labu being used as table decoration at an Italian restaurant last week, I couldn’t stop thinking of the word “pumpkin” and “porridge”. So today, I made myself a pumpkin porridge.

Simple one lar. Just pumpkin, sago pearls, sugar and santan (coconut milk). πŸ˜›

Pretty pumpkins ready to boil.

Finished product!

While some of you might not like the idea of pumpkin made into porridge, I on the other hand am a lover of pumpkin porridge! And I must say this: My pumpkin porridge was yummy! Ada lagi 2 mangkuk mangkali tu di dapur… hahaha!


  1. πŸ˜€ Wow! Looks so sedaaaappp.. You’re making me drool! I love any type of bubur as long as it’s not bubur durian. :N:

    ethel: Shemah, you’re not a fan of durian? O.o Or just bubur durian in particular? hehehe.. I can’t stand durian smell so I doubt that I’ll love bubur durian too. πŸ˜›

  2. im sure it taste delicious but im not really into pumpkin..im sure my bf would love those bubur

    ethel: Oh.. so you’re not a fan of labu la dis? πŸ˜›

  3. ‘Pumpkins! Gross! Horrible! Ugghhh!’

    From that you can probably tell I hate pumpkins … LOL!

    ethel: okok, point taken! hahaha!

  4. :love: I’ll make sure this weekend I go to tamu and buy myself labu kuning to make the same bubur. Sedap ooooo… πŸ˜€

    ethel: Oooo take picture kalau boleh ok? πŸ˜€

  5. bubur labu nice nice ^.^ i also want some :B

    ethel: Come, come.. I share you some. I still have 1 more bowl today. *teehee*

  6. My gosh!!! you really know how to masak aren’t you moi?? Nampak sedap tu bubur.

    ethel: Konon lah pandai masak! Hahahaha! This one simple cooking only bah.. learn since I was a small girl. Bukan la pasal pandai memasak. LOL!

  7. I really would love to try that!! It looks flavorful!!!

    ethel: Give it a try! :B

  8. I love pumpkin.. yummylicious Cindy. 2 mangkuk lagi… i–yoh, i yaaaahhh…. y u so far away.. iso lapar lerr.

    ethel: I can send you some ipumpkinporridge if you want. haha!

  9. Wah… rajin ni sumandak masak bubur pumpkin. Looks yummy :yes: Ada kuaci di dalam ka? Eh, pumpkin ada kuaci ka?? 😑

    ethel: I think the biji is the kuaci la. hehehe.. But I throw them away odi. Dunno how to make kuaci. Too lazy to make also even if I know how.. haha!

  10. hantam seja la labu heheh..

    ethel: Eh.. kau ka tuh labi??

  11. Hmmm! delicious! I can smell this pumpkin porridge from here (in my imagination). I miss eating this food!

  12. didn’t know we could make porridge out of pumpkin! :O


  13. I :love: DURIAN! Just not the “by-products” of it. Dodol kah, candy kah, bubur kah, ice-cream kah, the cake kah.. All i don’t like. Just the fruit in its natural state. Weird kan?? hehehehe..

  14. Wah! ini suda jadi mcm main masak-masak corner..
    never heard Labu can make bubur. mmm, look so sedap eventhough I don’t eat bubur.. kalau sayur Labu ha pernah la makan.

  15. i want bubur labu now!
    ok got it already from the “bukumuka” tu πŸ˜‰


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