It’s HERE!!!!!



My Yankee Candle has finally arrived! Yahooooo! The moment I opened the jar, the smell of food & spices filled the air that I breathe. Ohhhhh… it smells soooo good, almost orgasmic. HAHAHAHA! I read that the scent of the candle could fill up the whole room if you burn it. However, I don’t think I’m gonna burn this candle. Sayang bah.. I’ll just arrange it nicely on a rack or something.

The candle doesn’t cost much but the shipping was sooooo expensive, like triple the cost of the candle itself! BUT.. it’s all good. The oh-so-delicious scent makes everything A-OKAY. *teehee*


I’m so in love with this candle, I’m gonna buy more of it. I’m thinking of getting the Honeysuckle, Sugar Cane & Vanilla, Mango Blossom… every scent if possible! lol. Maybe if I’m crazy enough, I might consider going to the States just to shop for Yankee Candles (and Shabby Chic stuff) – but not until I get myself a travel health insurance of course. lol


Ahhhh… my life’s complete. 😛


  1. waahhhhh… your candle looks yummy oh cindy! 😀

    ethel: It actually smells yummy too! I feel like eating the candle up oh.. lol

  2. I can almost smell it, and it’s wonderful!

    ethel: Hi Karin. Welcome! Ohh.. you have a beautiful website. Lots of cute stuff to look at!

  3. mana saja la ko jumpa barang2 ni cin?? how did you know about the heavenly smell in the first place ah? babe, you really amaze me..

    ethel: Actually, I was searching online for “the best scented candles” and I found out about Yankee Candles. And indeed, it’s the best smelling candles ever! :B

  4. hey!where did you buy that!i wanna one too.

    ethel: Got it off :B

  5. Candle!!!I love candle!! And pink stuff and your candle is sooooooooooo yummy la…man… i think my hunger is really killing me sampai candle pun nampak sedap ni…sigh…sia tengah makan keropok saja ni untuk tahan lapar sia …

    ethel: Wow, wish I can do the same. Eat keropok saja to tahan lapar. hehehe.

  6. Is the smell really like you wanna eat ’em? Cos i definitely dont fancy those scented candles selling in our local shop. Terlampau piercing the scent.

    The bottle and the pink color looks so pretty. Kalu the candle sudah habis burnt, buli recycle the bottle kan.

    ethel: Ya, I hated most of the scented candles in our local shops too. Scent too strong and when you burn it, it doesn’t emit any smell at all. -_- But this candle.. ahh.. it’s so yummylicious. And the bottle bulih bikin tempat simpan biskut! lol

  7. Wah, looks yummy too… macam buli makan seja :B I can only imagine the smell, must be divine! :yes:

    ethel: Ya bah, macam bulih makan saja oh kan? :B Ohh.. the smell.. it’s.. it’s… must smell yourself to know lah. *teehee*

  8. I wish that I have that candle with me now coz I am having someone knocking in my head now.

    ethel: Aww.. I’m sorry to hear that. But just think of the happy colors. it might cheer you up! :B

  9. :love: the candle lah Cin! Betul laa.. it looks gorgeous and I bet it smells gorgeous. Tapi betul tu. So sayang kan to burn such a pretty candle. Last time me and Syura collected candles also. But when we were both in KL, the family at home lit the candles. Mati karan konon. LOL!

    After that, macam we were pretty disheartened to collect again. But with candles like this, it’s an easy habit to pick up again! Cantik lah!!

    ethel: LOL my parents burned the candle collections I have back at home too. They said “mati karan” and they thought it was OK to burn those candles. Hahahahaha!


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