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I’m always looking forward to American Idol every season and every year, I’ll have reason to be frustrated with the choices of the judges. This year, I’m pretty annoyed that Josiah Leming didn’t make it to the final 24. Bah!! He is one very talented boy!

Anyway, I found a place where you can purchase his song to show your love and support to him. Check it out. You won’t need reading magnifiers to view them. πŸ˜› And I must say, I love his songs!


  1. me too fan of american idol..i love david..he is so cute. josiah kat nangis la..so sensitive oh..

    ethel: Ya bah.. kuat nangis bah dia tu. Tu yang bikin kesian tu. hehe

  2. Hi Cindy, was passing by. Pretty blog :) And yeah, I was kinda disappointed by the selections too. Josiah was good tapi why lah he go and screw up his last audition. Sigh….

    ethel: Hi Rozella. Nice name. :-) Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the compliment too.

    Yeah, I think he screwed up on his last audition too.. I hope he’ll come back next season!

  3. sorry la cin but i was kinda glad he didn’t make the cut.. i can’t deny that he’s talented but he’s so annoying la with his crying.. tapi kesian pulak last2 when he didn’t make it tuu…

    ethel: Yea.. gotta admit. His constant crying was kinda annoying, but he looked so kesian when he does! πŸ˜›

  4. I really liked his version of Mika’s song.. a bit Snow Patrol-ish, but pretty good. I think he did get a little overconfident but then hopefully, he learnt from his mistake. He’s still young.. there’s always next year. :)

    I was kinda disappointed that the nerdy guy didn’t make the cut!

  5. Cute looking boy and yes he is talented but did badly at the end of the audition. And yes…i geram looking at him cry!! and he can’t take feedback well! :N: :Y

  6. ops tertekan salah emoticon…hahahah…. Ignore the yawn please… πŸ˜€

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