Again, I’m A Zombie

It’s 4:33AM and I am wide awake. Why? Because I just got up…

I was at IKEA early this evening, happily browsing for stuff to waste my money decorate my bedroom when I suddenly felt this odd *thing* oozing out. {{ Now don’t YOU go “ewww”ing on me! }}

Shit! Of all the time and place, it had to be when I’m happily shopping in IKEA – the one place I wanna be on a weekend. Now before you blame me for being “ignorant” about the coming of “time”, I really did NOT know the time. I don’t have an exact monthly cycle. Not even an estimation – because I have irregular monthly period. Well, kinda.

Aaanyway, I had to make today’s trip short. Grabbed whatever items I could as fast as I can and head straight home just in time to take a shower and lay dead on the bed. If it wasn’t for the painkiller, I would’ve cried like a baby and scared the whole neighborhood. Sometimes I hate being a woman. Especially a woman like me who suffers excruciating pain once a month. (I know not every woman suffers from the period pain, but I do..)


And to make long story short, here I am, fresh from the bed in the wee hours. I only had salad this afternoon so I’m bloody hungry! My IKEA plastic bags are scattered on the floor, I hardly touched them since I got back. I think I’ll head to the mamak stall and grab some stuff to eat. The MAMMUT plastic stool can wait. It’s not like I’m building a house..

Time to wake the house mates to accompany me to the mamak! LOL!

Small Talk: I heard drinking a glass of wine helps with the sleep. I should try it, with a sexy Riedel, of course.


  1. Welcome to the club sista! πŸ˜€

    And niceeeeeeeee theme there!

    Aww.. I’m so glad someone out there is sharing my pain. Hahhaha!

    And thanks! :-)

  2. Rustica claims to sell ‘European’ themed furniture, allthough I don’t actually think they mean Victorian. Haven’t been there before. It’s somewhere in Putatan, on the left side of the road leading to Papar/Lokawi(before Putatan town itself).

    Also check out the Living Collection in Warisan Square. I hear the sell stuff that they buy from IKEA itself.

    I have yet to visit these 2 stores — and I don’t know anyone who has. But do post if you visit there anytime soon! Would love to see their collection! :-)

    Ahh.. thanks for the info. I’ll check that place out when I’m back in Sabah! Although, I was hoping that you’ll take some photo shots of the shop before I get back.. haha

  3. hey you makeover this blog also ah!Very nice.I also have that stool.Very sturdy and comfortable too :)

    Yea, the previous look was kind of old. Maybe a year already.. :-)

    I have 3 of the stool and I love it!

  4. eeee…i have mammut here at home! :B

    knapa la tda ikea d kk nih…but we have living concept,they sell ikea products!hehehe…

    do u know ikea n yayasan sabah ada program reforestation in Tawau…saaaaaaaaaana Luasong…they should have an ikea in sabah!put up your hands if u agree!!! πŸ˜›

    Ya bah, malas sia. They should open a branch in Sabah bah!

    Wow, IKEA partnered with YS? That’s nice of them! I’ve been to Luasong. Used to live in Brumas when I was a kid for a while.. :-)

  5. You poor girl (but usually the horrible period pain will be gone after giving birth! :B Trust me!)Re Ikea, I wish they open a huge shop here!!

    Speaking of giving birth.. I heard that one hurts even more!
    Eee.. takutnya sia..

  6. Moi..everytime sia baca kau punya blog i can’t help but say…OH MY GOSH!! WE ARE SO ALIKE!!!LOL!!

    I have Blue and pink Mammut at home!

    Ba,you better take a rest now and…jangan marah marah k…inhale and always. πŸ˜€ Hugs!

    Mel, jangan-jangan kita ni used to be best friend in our past life. Or sisters.. or we were twins! LOL!

    Cute kan the Mammut? I have all 3 colors: Blue, Pink & Green. Cannot decide which one bah, so I take all. Hahaha!

    Bah, relax sudah sia ni.. πŸ˜›

  7. hi cindy, i bought mamut stool too for my daughter.. :)

    Ooo.. you even got her the table! So cute!!!!

  8. I can always figure out when I get my period.. Macam can feel my body telling me.. Then I awal2 pakai pad and then when i go out, I’m ready with painkillers and everything! I pun baru kena last Friday while clubbing!! Can u believe it! Luckily the alcohol numbed out the pain! LOL!

    During clubbing? LOL! That would definitely spoil my day..

    Alcohol works, huh? Hmm.. I must try lah ni.. hahaha

  9. Like Syura, I can always tell when it’s coming. I’d always feel bloated semacam and moody like crazy. The best part is it only lasts for 3 days so it’s not so bad. Memang suda tua suda bah ni! LOL

    Put some hot water in a bottle and letak di sana perut, works for me :)

    I wish I could tell when it’s coming.. but sometimes, I do have the tell-tale sign.

    Thanks for tip, Nessa. I will try that when I experience the cramps again! :-)

  10. lol! my anti-spam word is TOGONOK. Hahahah! Teringat me n my fren slalu cakap Dont Worry Be Togonok..O_o! Anyways, eeeee..I want to go Ikeaaa..In KK, there’s one shop in Warisan Sq that sells stuffs from Ikea. The kitchenwares, sheets, mirrors, closet, the heart shaped pillows with hands etc..not much choices but that made me miss goin to the real IKEA. Siou! Tapun dulu tu Mammut d gambar ko ni. Haha.

    Wow, they really have that much of IKEA stuff, huh? Must check out lah some time that place. *hee*

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