Becoming Zombie

Last night was a long night for me. I practically sat in front of my Notebook for almost 12 hours, working on a new theme for myself. Geez, like my brother said, I really am crazy… lol

I got out of bed at 1:01PM, just in time to catch up with The Oprah Winfrey Show. I moved to the daybed, covered myself with a throw and watch Oprah talk about stuff. Her topic today: {{ Why most of us are obsessed with the celebrities }}. (kinda remind me of *someone* hahaha) She also talked about the rising percentage of single women over the married ones! Hah! I must be one of them lah.. πŸ˜›

Anyway, after the show, I got hungry so I went straight to the kitchen. Konon wanna cook up a storm la.. until I noticed that my fridge are empty…. I don’t even have eggs anymore! The only thing I have is a few boxes of milk and Maggi (instant noodles). Bahahahaha! Looks like I’ll be drinking milk only. I don’t feel like eating Maggi right now.

Oh.. have I shown you my new tablecloth? *hee*


If you think they look familiar, you might be correct! It’s the Patricia fabric from IKEA.
I got the corners sewed and made into a tablecloth.


Ain’t I smart?? xD


Small Talk: Someday when I’m rich.. I’m gonna buy me a Breguet watch and show it to the world. *teehee*


  1. Good girl minum milk! Hehe.. Which reminds me I gotta get some myself..

    Ya bah, milk is good for health. I made it a habit to drink at least a glass a day. Sometimes 2..3.. *hee*

  2. KIUTNYA tu Dog!!! (sorry nda tau apa nama just say Dog lah)

    *hee* Kiut ka? Penjahat tu… banyak sudah magazine sia dia koyak.. termasuklah my bamboo carpet. lol

  3. Cinnnnnn…is that your doggy??? Why never blog about her?him? Ok sorry that i dont mention the table cloth first but you know me and my interest in dogs. LOL!

    You jadi Ikea Hacker sdh…hehehe…creative oh.

    My only milk time is when i mix some milk to my 3 in 1 nescafe. Dunno if that’s even up to a cup or not.

    *hee* Yeah, she’s my dog. I blogged about her before.. well, not blogged lah but merely posting her photos. You can see it over here. πŸ˜›

  4. after so long baru sia nampak your dog..sooooooooooooo cute..mari kasi Kahwin with my dog πŸ˜› Eh wait, itu jantan ka betina? LOL!!!

    Betina bah tu Mel!!! Unless she turned out to be a lesbo la. lol! Eh, yours is female too, kan?

  5. alalalalalalal…iya betina juga sia punya puppy tu.

    oh yesterday i was at ikea…LOL!!Thinking to get few more plants but teda yg cantik. so tia beli.

    Itu lah.. cannot kasi kahwin anjing kita ni. hahaha!

    Yeah, I was at IKEA last week too. Teda bunga yg cantik kan?

  6. Ooh very nice! πŸ˜€

    Thank you, Jacq! ^_^

  7. wahhh, punya lawa ur table cloth.. good idea ohh. πŸ˜€

    *hee* Thank you. You should check out IKEA’s fabric collection.
    They’re not that bad. :-)

  8. when I watch the Akedemi Fantasia replay concert, I saw the chair cover and suddenly it reminds me of your table cloth. Eh macam sama jak tue. hehe

    Napa la KK tiada IKEA

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