Kid Says The Darnest Thing

I was enjoying my meal yesterday when I noticed this kid approaching the old man who was seated in front of me. He was looking over to his right, staring blankly at something. He was in his own world, probably thinking of the funtime he had last night (lol) – when this kid, placed his hand on the chair beside the old man and said:

“Excuse me, uncle. Can I have this chair?”

The old man seemed to be in deep thoughts because he did not respond. I was impressed with how polite the boy was, even though he had already lifted the chair halfway when he asked.. I said to myself, “Wow, his parents must’ve thought him well” ..until a much younger boy (probably his little brother) who was seated behind the old man screamed:


That startled the old man! He turned and gave the boy a nod.

Now that was plain rude of that lil boy… but it was funny too. Maybe he just didn’t have the patience. I wanted to laugh my head off, but the old man was looking at me…


Small Talk: Speaking of “meal”, I think it’s time to sign up at Orovo if I wanna slim down before Christmas.. *sigh*


  1. hahahahhahahaha…. 😀

  2. a real life experience huh

    Yeah, this is actually a real life experience :-)

  3. hahaa..i know about kids say the darnest thing..My son is one of them..if you know how he bombard me with sex question..I’m totally lost. cannot answer liao!

    Hahahaha! I wonder how you explained to him.. maybe you should use the same explanation Phua Chu Kang did to his son. LOL!

  4. hahahaha!! cute but at the same time bikin geram the lil brother! LOL!

    Ya la.. haha cute, but at the same time, makes you feel like scolding the lil brother!

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