Latest Obsession

The amazing Carl Larsson’s artwork.

I currently have 5 of his prints (yes, the PRINTS because I couldn’t afford the originals or the replicas). *sob*

This is what I have so far:

Cozy Corner

Flowers On The Window Sill

Old Anna

When The Children Have Gone To Bed

Woman Lying On A Bench

I haven’t framed the prints yet, well, except for one (Flowers On The Window Sill) which sits beautifully on my working desk. I didn’t bother to hang it on the wall, because I love looking at it while I work.. Maybe one of these days I’m gonna head to IKEA for the frames. They have pretty decent frames there.

You can buy Larsson’s beautiful prints from almost every online shop that sells quality prints of great artists. You just have to Yahoo! (or Google, if you prefer) “Carl Larsson” and you’re set! Alternatively, you can also buy some of his prints from IKEA, but the choices are very limited.


Small Talk: I seriously need to start exercising or go on a diet (again) before I end shopping at the plus size clothing boutique..


  1. you know what cin, i think i’m learning how to be more domesticated just by reading your blogs la.. seriously.

    ethel: Hahahaha! The pleasure is mine. :B

  2. Wow…gorgeous. I wonder how much the ori would cost. Picasso’s Boy With The Pipe just got sold recently for 90 Mil!!!! Mil!!!!!

    Woohoo..nnt tunggu I kaya then I buy you ori lah! Hehe 😛

    ethel: 9mil?!!! OMG.. I wish I have all the money in the world.

    Jgn lupa oh kalau dah kaya…. hahaha

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