New Look. Yay!!

I finally changed my blog theme. Hurray!!
Boy, am I so glad it’s finally over. LOL

From an old, boring look like this:


..into something like.. NOW! *hee*

Minimalist blog. Less clutter. Less messy. More concentration on the post. LOL!

So how do you like it? (^_^)

Small Talk: I don’t know what to give my computer technician friend for his birthday.. maybe some HDMI switches? hahaha..


  1. new theme ah πŸ˜› nice salam dat sumandak

    Thanks, Ben. Oh ya, the sumandak kirim salam balik. *teehee*

  2. Uuuuhhhh nice :love:

    Thanks Aunty J. :-)

    the first thing i said to myself was .. AAWW..
    very creative and i like the part where only the middle portion moves with the cursor.
    job well done, girl!!

    Aww.. thanks, Edna. Really happy to hear that. Yeah, I made it work that way, because I think if the background moves along, then there’ll be too many things for the eyes to see and follow. lol

  4. Well, Cindy it’s about time :) Great new look. Simple and straight forward. Soothing colours … great job!

    Thanks, Nick! Really appreciate the compliment. πŸ˜€

  5. cantik!! Nice gurl… πŸ˜€

    Tima kaci! Tima kaci!

  6. The sumandak is your symbol so should keep it but I actually prefer the older design, in general lah…I think its the font that I am really fond of :-)

    Aww.. the old one is always the better one, huh? :-) Well, I still have that old design saved in my Notebook. Maybe someday bosan-bosan, I’ll activate that theme for fun! :B

  7. definitely this layout.. thumbs up!

    Woohoo, terima kasih! :-)

  8. oh wow! it’s really nice up close- the screen shot didn’t do it justice! I like the minimalist look on you!

    Yea, I did that screenshot in purpose. Didn’t wanna show the whole layout look so people would actually come over to see the ‘real’ design. Hahahaha!

    Thanks for dropping by, sweetie. I like the minimalist look too!

  9. The sumandak is back!
    But ya, like Jewelle, I also prefer the previous sumandak theme.
    Still, i like this too. The color is much better than the grey background lah.
    This one kinda lively!

    Aww.. another friend who prefers the old sumandak. Now that you mentioned, macam kesian pulak the old one.. hahaha. See lah, maybe someday will activate that theme to give her a chance to “see the world” once again. *teehee*

  10. I love this!!! Esp. the Kadazan suit (sorry, dunno what it’s called) and I personally like the two little pinkish sheep/cows??? πŸ˜€

    Eh.. you know what, sis? I don’t even know what that Kadazan suit is called! Hahaha! I usually refer to it as – the Kadazan costume – LOL!! Must ask my mom lah…

    Oh, the two little pinkish thing is supposed to be pink sheep eating grass. :B

  11. This is nice :) Simple yet elegant at the same time…

    p.s: bloghopping from giuk dot net hehe

    Ahoy there! Welcome to Etheland. *hee* Thanks for dropping by and leaving me kind compliments. :-)

  12. Macam tukar baju

    No laa… this blog terbiar lama sudah bah. High time sudah for it to have a new baju.. πŸ˜›

  13. eeee…cantikk…buli design theme utk sia…ekekeke…thanks for dropping by cindy… :) sure will drop by here more often… :)

    Thanks for dropping by ezooone. And thanks for the compliment too! Theme design? Bulih bah kalau kau. hehehe

  14. :love: love the background aaaand the two pinky sheeps hehe…

  15. cute lah….seperti orgnya gak πŸ˜€

  16. cute…mcm orang nya gak…. πŸ˜€


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