I Heart Green

I was out jungle trekking yesterday – and all I can say is:


It was like one of the best experience I ever had in my whole life! I went up the hill, down the hill, jungle fruit hunting, river crossings etc. At one point, I actually had to cross a river by walking on small bridge made out of a fallen tree. While everyone else made their way safely to the other side, I accidentally stepped on a rotten branch – and I fell fashionably into the river! ¬¬

Anyway, nobody brought camera along with them – which sucks. I didn’t have my compact camera with me, nor do I want to drag my DSLR along with me. Even our cellphones were left behind because there wouldn’t be any reception at all. I think. (I wonder if anyone brought along some blemish acne cream during the trip. LOL)

Overall, it was a fun trip …..but I don’t plan to do it again in the near future. Maybe in a year or two later. Very tiring lah! My body’s all aching right now, especially on the hip side – where it landed first when I fell into the river. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, I broke a few fingernails along the way. There’s also a few visible scratches and cuts on my right hand – thanks to the thorn infested jungle plants and wild pineapples that grows along the paths.

Next time, I’m taking my cellphone (stuffed inside a water-resistant container, of course) so I could take a few photos to show off. :þ


  1. OMG sounds fun! I was excited when reading this post. OMG! U fell into the river? Ouch. Anyways, get plenty of rest now XD I’m so glad that u’re ok! XD *hugs

  2. Dui cian-cian si Ethel… you TERjatuh dalam air dui na.

    Sad juga la kan no one brought any camera. If got maybe they’ll take a pic of you getting out of the river heehe… jan marah ah men2 ja;D

    But syok la your trip:)

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