Cemeteries: The Most Calming Place On Earth

At least that’s what I think.

You see, I have this thing for graveyards. Whenever I visit one, I love walking from one grave to another, staring at the tomb or photos of the person laid inside, wondering how did they die? what happened to their families? did they suffer before they died?

OK, you must be thinking how weird I am. Well maybe I am. But I do enjoy visiting graveyards. Really!

Oh, last weekend I visited my grandmama’s grave. As you can see, there’s like a bucket and cement bag behind the grave. That’s because we’re still working on the graves of my grandmama & grandpapa. It’s only like 60% done… but we’re trying to get it done before All Soul’s Day.

Can’t wait to visit the cemetery again come November 1st. =)


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  1. hahaha…i got the word ‘mulau’ for the anti spam word…

    well, if the cemetery kan cantik, kena jaga and doesnt look scary…ok lah mo jalan2 tinguk the tomb. but kalau yg x kena well taken care, aduiii…like mau naik my hair.

    and u know what cin, i takut tu mo step on the grave, what more to lie down on it, the way you did in the pic. hehehe

    LOL I think my blog’s trying to tell you that the owner’s mulau already.. Hahaha!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add. I love clean, well-maintained cemeteries, not those scary, eerie looking ones. Like that, I also takut mau masuk oh. Hehehe.

    I actually took another photo of me lying directly on top of her grave, but my cameraman tak hebat lah. She go take only the head of me. Cis..

  2. I got the word ‘Penampang’ for anti-spam.. yay! lol

    Umm u know what Cindy, last weekend I was at my grandparent’s house and belakang rumah derang ada 5 or 6 grave dari yg dulu dulu… it’s just about 20 m away from our house. And its not the ‘cantik’ type you know… it’s only soil and a piece of wood to tell u the name, birthdate and date of when they died… simple. Dulu dulu punya bah tu… even before my mom was born..

    Strangly we dont feel at all scared or spooked out cos my granddad tells us they were relatives. (Tu ‘jamban’ pun only a few metres away from the graves)… but kalau malam tu, hmmm pandai2 lah tahan kencing. LOL.

    But like my sister, she also loves to visit cemetaries.. some people like you find it calming and peaceful in a way.. I don’t find it spooky, as I feel it is more saddening and depressing. I don’t like the knowledge of death :(

    Behind the house? Hmm.. I wanted to say awesome, but I think it’s not the right word to say. There’s old cemeteries nearby my parents’ place as well, tho I’m not sure whether they are related to us or not. Needless to say, I wasn’t spooked by them at all.

    Yeah, there’s this kind of calming and peaceful feelings in the cemeteries. Probably because it’s really quiet over there..

  3. I got penampang too! LOL! And pretty pic of you Cindy! And like everybody else, I only love visiting those ‘pretty’ cemeteries teehee! :)

    Heehee.. me? Pretty? Bet you’re talking about the grave. Haha.

    Oh yes, pretty cemeteries are more popular than those eerie ones, I’d say.

  4. Hi moi, how have you been? Lama sia inda “ternampak” kau ni online…how’s life anyway?
    Oh yea, you lost weight d kan?? πŸ˜€

    Hiya Mel! Ya bah, haven’t seen you online for quite a while too. Life’s been OK for me. Could be better tho – if only I don’t have this stupid flu. Hehehe.

    Yea, am proud to say I’ve lost some weight. 7kgs to be exact!! YAY!!! Hopefully I’ll lose even more. Targeting a super-duper skinny body. LOL! (kidding)

  5. owh thats great.. next time you can visit my grave and do your blogging there… ahaha! jst kidding ! :)

    Uiiii… sia bbq lagi sana nanti tu. LOL!

  6. yup you look great :)

    Thank you. :-)

  7. oh owww…my anti-spam word is mokirayou!! hahaha apa nie??
    Wah! I don’t think i can pose like you at the graveyard like that!! Gilos..punya scary! Budak-budak last kali bulih lah..now, tua-tua nie penakut sudah..haha

    Alaa.. ok bah cemeteries tu. Asal bukan yang too scary looking la.. or at night. Sia pun takut kalau malam oh. LOL!

  8. goodness.. u r camwhoring in a graveyard???? 😐


    It’s not just any graveyard, it’s my grandmama’s tomb. Hehehehe. I’m really close to her so I don’t think she mind me camwhoring on top of her. πŸ˜›


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