Iti Noh Koihadan Do Ginavo Ku

For all you non-kampung (village) people, this plant is called Lomiding.

Well uhm, it actually doesn’t look that way – this was after we plucked the leaves from it’s stem. It’s a kind of local delicacy, vegetable for us local Sabahan. (Probably amongst the Kadazan-Dusun people only.. Correct me if I’m wrong?) Taste wise? I dunno how to explain, but it’s yummy lah! Else, come over and I’ll let you try some. Ha! Ha! Ha! Sorry, am not really the right person to refer to when it comes to food taste. 😛

We actually had this vege yesterday evening, cooked by my mom. Sedap oh.. lama ndak makan bah ni. I’m not sure what Lomiding is in English, can anyone tell me?

This post reminds me of that song (I forgot by whom):

“Linundus dilo Kinabalu….
Au nogi mangakan do lomiding.”



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  1. ai, ini banyak ni di labuan. sedap ni!

    Ai, kau pandai makan juga ka ni? Hehehe..

  2. kalau singgah sana gerai sayur along Kg Sinsuron…byk ni durang jual but of course satu ringgit pnya harga is only so much lah you can get compared to kalau pigi putik sendiri di hutan.

    i also lama tidak makan this lomiding.

    Over here, kalau rajin, we’ll go putik sendiri. But most of the time, we just buy from the kids who went from house to house selling lomiding. RM1 saja bah satu ikat.. kesian also them, so buy from them la. :-)

  3. wah, ini pula sayur lomiding, my place where I live this is nicknamed kg lomiding cos there’s a lot of this sayur last time. and only here the first time on your blog that i saw it.heh 😀

    Oh, this is your first time seeing this? Congratulations! Am honored you found it here in my blog. LOL

  4. They look like leaves to me … hehehe … how does it taste like?

    Err.. I think they taste kind of bitter sweet..

  5. I had these just the other day! Sedap! Everytime I go back to my mom’s hometown in Kota Belud, my aunts and grandparents always make it a point to cook something ‘local’ for me as they know I am such a sucker for the local delicacies. Sigh. Why am I so kampungan :)

    Same here.. I’m such a kampungan girl too. I love local delicacies. Have you tried pucuk ubi kayu? They make great dish too! :-)

  6. i love this sayur…my mum cook this with fish…Siou kio, im ur visitor here =)

    Hiya Amy C, you’re always welcome to visit anytime! Yeah, my mom cook this with fish too – ikan masin. Hahaha! Sedap oh kan??

  7. :yes: I miss eating this, made me feel a lil bit homesick… Wahhh! lama lagi mau balik kampung this krismas….

    Ndak rasa bah tu.. tidur bangun, tidur bangun.. December already! :-)

  8. aiyooo..i come visiting here at midnight and reading all this, “masak with ikan masin”…makes me HUNGRY ohhhh….

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