Since I moved here about a month ago, I haven’t been exploring much about this place. Well, Bunny DID took me around, but being me, a person who’s really bad with directions, I couldn’t remember most of the roads to save my life! The only thing I know is how to get to 7-Eleven, to the Chinese coffee shop, the mamak stall.. or the nasi lemak stall. That said, for the past 4 or 6 weeks, my lunch was either chicken rice or nasi lemak.

But today yesterday and today was different, because smarty me accidentally found a Malay stall that sells nasi campur! WOOHOOO.. what joy!! And the best part was, their price are really economy! (That means I could save a lot of $$. *heehee*) I can foresee myself being a loyal customer to them, for at least another month. 😀

And for now, I’m contemplating whether or not to eat the cupcakes my brother had lovingly bought for me.

He bought like 6 cute cupcakes for me.. Isn’t he nice? Hehehe.. And isn’t it cute? (the CUPCAKE I mean) So cute that I couldn’t bring myself to eat it… 😛 Ah well, maybe I’ll just pass it for now and eat it later tonight. In the meantime, I gotta google the word “conversion rate optimization” and see what it means. Learn something new everyday ma..