Minta Puji

I’ve posted this in my other blogs and I’m posting it over here too (because I know not everyone reads ALL of my blogs). lol. This is my latest design work that I did for a client. 😀

By the way, I tapau’ed chicken rice today. I’d normally skip lunch (or just eat Maggi saja) but today I feel like eating nasi ayam pulak. So I went to tapau one from the restaurant behind my place. The uncle, as always, have this very sweet smile whenever I buy chicken rice from him.

“Mau tulang ka?”

“Boleh juga..”

“Ada tulang sikit-sikit sedap punya!”

So I tapau’ed chicken rice with extra chicken bones. -_-

Upon reaching home, I quickly opened the box and stuffed some rice and chicken meat into my mouth. Eek! Ndak sedap pun! Maybe I get used to eating Maggi saja bah ni… *sigh* Oh well, maybe I’d save this rice for later in the evening when I’m hungry. I might as well surf the net for “pond aerators” .. coz I just got an assignment on that and I have no idea what the heck is that?!


  1. Cin, ini style bumping blog ka ni? XD Se tau, ur actual blog post was suppose to be nasi ayam only kan?

    Oh talking about eating. I’ve skipped rice for 2 weeks now. The other day I eat KFC. I only can eat 1 piece. Kesiannya ku rasa diri ini. A fren said my stomach like cicak. So small @_@

    Sebenarnya… ya. Memang I wanna post about nasi ayam saja bah ni.. tapi ntah lah kenapa.. macam mau minta puji pulak. Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Ya bah! minta puji ba ko ni.. heh! heh!

    Bah apa lagi.. pujilah aku! LOL!


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