Cerita Kerang

Last Saturday, Bunny went off from work earlier than usual so he took me for a ride around Cheras in the evening. We passed by a raw of Malay stalls selling hawker foods which includes ikan bakar and kerang bakar.

“Let’s have some kerang bakar. What say you?”, he asked.

“Sure! Mesti siok ni!” I replied in excitement.

So we sat at one corner close to the TV. A soccer match was showing – I think it was MU versus some other team. (am not a football fan so I don’t know!). We ordered a plate of kerang bakar. When it arrived, Bunny helped me with a few because it was really hot. I must tell you this – the kerang bakar was delicious!!!! I think I ate more than Bunny that day. The funny part was, he only found out that day that I love kerang bakar. lol

And guess what? We had kerang bakar again yesterday. At the same stall. lol. I even joked at Bunny that I might die of heart attack tonight from high cholesterol. I guess I better start heading for the treadmills before that really happens!

Oh by the way, I found the card reader!!!!!!! Maybe soon I can post some photos in this boring blog already lah. Hihihihi~

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  1. Nasib xda gambar, if not berliur XD

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