Damn, had too much fun (food & drinks) last night.

Right after dinner (I had nasi ayam lagi tu), we went for a little bit of drink – my favorite beer, Hoegaarden. Manatau sampai that German restaurant and bar, Bunny and my uncle went ahead to order some German sausages – for pusas konon. Sekali that thing arrived, OH MY GAWD.. sebesar “anu” gajah!

(My brother took this photo. That’s me in black and do you notice the sausages??)

It was so huge that it reminded me of gajah punya “anu” yang diberikan hgh. LOL!! Even those guys next to our table went “Whoaaaa!” when the sausages arrived. Bunny and my uncle sheepishly said, “Oh.. but it looked tiny in the menu..”

Man.. we had trouble eating them up we end up tapau most of it home.

And I must say this.. I can never look at sausages the same way again!