I just got back from my long-abandoned so-called power walk. This time, Bunny and I went to Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil. That place is beautiful! Lots of food and drink vendors waiting at the entrance as well – which is good lah, coz I can buy drinks after the walk.

This is somewhere near the park’s entrance:

And yes, that’s fatty me in the picture…

Bunny brought along the camera today, by the way. So the walk was pretty slow. 😡 I walked waaaaay ahead of him while he happily took photos of the rabbit, kittens (can you believe people actually abandoned their pets here?!! mofos) and monkeys! Perhaps I’ll post photos of them cute monkeys in my other blog later.

I did jog a bit while Bunny was busy taking photos. I jogged away from him then I jogged towards him. I even mentioned to Bunny how my friend, Massy lost 3kgs from jogging alone! He said, “Kau dah menganggur 3 years, of course gemuk lah stay at home.” Cis. I’m so glad I just got a job and I start tomorrow. I don’t have to spend my days sitting in front of the computer working on custom graphics while surfing the net for infos on adult acne treatments (not that I need the treatments! :-P). And since I get off from work at 6:00PM, I probably have enough time to jog for an hour before going back home to prepare dinner and do the laundry.

Well, overall it was a great walk. I sweat like a pig, especially when I walked up the what seemed like a thousand flight of stairs! I hope I burned a lot of calories from the walk/jog because as of right now, Bunny is busy preparing for dinner. Makan sedap lagi malam ni. YAY!!!