Biskut Cornflakes

I found a recipe for a simple and quick cookie from the Internet that I’d love to share with you all (and actually keep it for my own reference). I’ve made it last night and it tasted sooooooooooooooo good, everyone at home said it tasted like a professional baker. LOL

By the way, the recipe will be written in Malay because I am too lazy to translate it. But if you don’t understand Malay and would like to try out this recipe, just send me an email and I will give you the English version. :-)

Biskut Cornflakes

1 buku butter atau marjerin (but I prefer butter)
½ cawan gula
2½ cawan tepung naik sendiri
½ kotak cornflakes
Ceri (untuk hiasan)


1. Pukul butter & gula hingga kembang
2. Masukkan tepung & cornflakes
3. Sudukan dalam papercup, hias dengan ceri
4. Bakar selama 20 minit

Give it a try, I guarantee you.. it’s really YUMMY!!!! Easy and simple to do, right? 😛 The ingredients are so much cheaper than getting an rv insurance quote too!

PS: I might post a picture of the cookies later for you all to see. *hee*


  1. i need an oven!
    i might as well put up my birthday and christmas wish list asap so that si alvin buli kasi beli sia oven. hahaha

  2. Macam mo try make..but I’ll find one of the days when I’m less tired/busy hehe.

  3. Hi!
    What’s the oven temp ya?

    Hi! I’m not really too sure about the temp, but I used 150°C ..and it turned out just fine. :-)

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