Back to KL after a few days of Gawai holiday. I have so much to write about the trip that I don’t even know where to begin, but here are the few things that I can remember:

1. We took a longer route to reach Bunny’s kampung because we were quite late in booking the flight tickets. Terlampau mahal punya pasal, we end up taking a longer distance flight.

2. I got so many mosquito bites that my hands and legs are filled with tiny red dots. So itchy and irritating! But I’m really glad they’re not agas bites, or else, I’d be sitting in the clinic right now getting that allergy shot.

3. I forgot to bring a lot of things to Sarawak, like: sarong, comfortable sleeping pants, cotton short pants and my ring box. I end up putting my engagement ring and other rings in my wallet to prevent it from getting lost somewhere inside the luggage bag. Aint cool to lose my engagement ring, because I couldn’t afford an engagement ring insurance.

4. Bought a few snacks at Mukah, especially the famous snacks of the Melanaus like tebaloi and the small sago (I don’t know what it’s called). Not for myself tho, it’s meant to be gifts for friends who couldn’t stop writing on my FB wall asking for buah tangan. LOL

So yeah, that’s about it lah. Doesn’t sound like so much fun, ya? I know. Because I am really, really hungry while posting this. Like… REALLY hungry. And I couldn’t wait to finish posting this. 😛