Oh, Radley!

I got my first Radley bag experience a week ago, when Bunny and I went shopping for last minute stuffs to bring back for our Gawai holidays. We walked passed the little Radley section at Parkson and instantly fell in love with their collection. While I was having hard time choosing between their cute wallet/purse collection, Bunny found the bag of his dream (ha ha), the Radley Rolling Rocks.

The bag was selling at RM1,010 but since it was on sale, we got it at only RM606! Yes, I said we got it because we DID end up buying the suitcase!

The bag’s so cute! The inside of the bag is peach in color. It comes with 3 little peach-colored bag as well: 2 little bags for shoes/slippers and a bigger-sized bag to store wet clothes. SUPER-CUTE!

Of course, the craziness did not end just there. Yours truly, me, end up buying myself a Radley wallet as well. Well… my old Carlo Rino wallet is getting really old (got it when I got my first gaji from my first real job in Sabah many years ago) so it’s only right to get a brand-new one ma, kan? kan? 😛

I got the Radley Plain Sailing wallet! ^_______^

For this wallet, it wasn’t on sale so.. I had to pay RM330 for it. :’/

So there you go, spent about RM1k plus in a single store in a day. But at least now I have 2 Radley bags!! (and I plan to have more when $$$ permits. hehehe) I think I’m sooo going obsessed with Radley now, I’m gonna make a Smilebox scrapbook layouts for them! You gotta love the terrier on Radley, he’s so cute!!!

Oh by the way, Radley paper bags are super cute!!!! ^______^

I gotta make more $$ now… :'(

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  1. Wahhh, gila Radley XD


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