*sigh* I give up trying to upload photos on my blog. It takes AGES to upload just 1 single picture! Is it my broadband or is it something else? I don’t know. One thing for sure: am not gonna upload any photos until I get another faster broadband – and that can only happen when I moved to another new place. Ha ha! Am not gonna get Unifi installed now, since we’re moving again soon. The hassle of getting someone to fix the line is like… gahhhhhh! Cukup lah the hassle of getting the air-cond fixed and unfixed and then fixed again. Penat, siot! Oh yeah, so many things to settle now. My insurance pun belum settle-settle lagi. And did someone mentioned “immediate annuity calculator” to me recently? Whatever that is, I know I’m gonna be needing it soon? Someday?

Now where’s that guy my brother promised to give me a call regarding the insurance thingy…… ?