Pretty in Pink

I love PINK. Not the singer, but the color pink. I loved pink so much that as a little girl, I once told my daddy that someday when I grow up, I will buy myself a pink car. And then the word “pink” became like a teasing word amongst my family.

“Someday, Cindy will have a house colored in PINK!”

“Look, there’s a green car. Bet Cindy’s gonna have a PINK one some day!”

“You sure she’ll like it, it’s not PINK..”

etc etc

But as I grow up, I kept telling myself that PINK is for little girls. So I “shifted” my favorite to the color black. When I first got my car, (a 2nd hand Honda Civic)..I didn’t quite like the color white, so I send it off to the car-painting shop to have the color changed to pearl black. Spent a good RM2.2k on changing the color alone. Almost everyone told me that white looked better and black made it looked like it’s too warm to be inside.


Until a few months ago, I found myself having this irresistible feelings towards the color pink again. When we shifted back to my hometown after years of living in the big city, and guess what? I painted our new apartment’s wall in pink and white!

And last week, I found this super-duper cute ear buds in the color of..well, you guess it..

And just last week too, the pink makeup brushes I ordered from Korea arrived – and I fell instantly IN LOVE with it!

I guess I’m a pink girl, afterall. :-)

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  1. u can deny all u want, but pink will haunt u forever LOL!

    Cindy said: Gitu la baitu. Pink will ALWAYS be a part of me! lol

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