To start with, I’m not really into those BB Cream craze. I know a few of my friends swear by Skin79 BB Creams or the ones by Dr. Jart – but to this day, I stand firm on the ground and did not fall into the land of BB Creams. Well, not until I saw the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick.

Halt! I’m not saying that I’m a BB Cream user or addict, yet. I’m just saying that I saw a BB Cream that caught my eye and I couldn’t resist it, so to say.

Eh, but actually it wasn’t the first time I ‘saw’ it today. I saw it once at Lintas’ Watsons last month, but sad to say, they were out of stock and only the display box was on display. Today is the first time I actually TOUCH the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick. What draws me into buying the BB Stick? Well..because it reminds me of my favorite Kryolan TV Paint Stick – which I LOVE!!! Except for the price, that is. A Kryolan TV Paint Stick can go up to RM75 to RM96 per stick. (If I get them from my makeup school, I get 10% discount tho) Pricey but hey, after using it, you’ll know WHY they are so expensive. You get what you pay lah kunun. Even without the outdoor ceiling fans turned on, if you’re wearing TV Paint stick along with Kryolan’s Anti-Shine powder, your face will look as fresh as the morning dew. 😛 And I’m not lying!

OK, back to Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB Stick. I haven’t tried it out. I swatched a bit on my arm but that’s about it. Haven’t tried it out on my face. Wanted too, but it’s 7:37PM already and I’m too lazy to play with my makeup right now. Besides, Bunny’s sitting right behind me playing his Sapetar loudly. Mau gila kepala saya.. but I PROMISE to write a review on it on my so-called commercial blog soon after I tried it out. With pictures lagi probably.

In the meantime.. hum, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Maybe do some blog hop.