Since it’s my birthday, I have to refrain myself from posting some emo stuff today. Nanti tidak bagus nasib urang bilang.

So the first thing I did today was to wake up to the sound of my dog whining while he looks outside the window. He wanted so bad to go out and play with his dog-friend, Tinie. That poor dog didn’t get to explore the outside world since yesterday since his Papa was out the whole day entertaining his GM who’s down from the West. I don’t really take the dog out for a walk – he’ll just pull me face down to the ground!

My initial plan today was to go out and shop for new shoes. I’m thinking… ballerina flats. Lots of store displaying nice flats these days… but since Bunny’s out with his GM again, I guess I’d just have to wait till he comes back. Tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.


Nevertheless, I’m still happy. I just placed an order for Kryolan’s TV Paint Stick from USA yesterday..and I am SOOOOOO looking forward for it!