Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit

I have this cute, strawberry pink piggy-bank that I got last year at this cute-sy store in Sunway Pyramid. I was still helping my cousin to run his business back then when I got it. The thing about the workplace is, I tend to get lots of tips in the forms of notes and sometimes, coins. LOL. So in order to keep those lil coins, a small coin box would be just the perfect thing to have.

So I got one.

Fast forward to this day. I still have the coin box. In fact, Bunny has been the one who fills it with coins nowadays. And the coin box has reach the maximum amount of coins it can handle. And so, guess what?

Ada orang kira duit semalam. Ha ha ha!

And the final count for the coins were RM99.20. Buli tahan! Of course, not enough to buy us best large wall fountains lah, but it’ll pay our water bill. Or buy my dog a new set of bones. And since Bunny added another 80 cents from his own pocket, we now have a round figure of RM100!


OK la baitu, kan?


  1. Oh I used to do this, I mean I still do this except I dun count the coins as often anymore hahaha gila duits saya dulu.

    Tapi tabung se tabung katak! XD

  2. So cute, a katak?? :mrgreen:

    Mine is in the shape of a bottle, but a little pink-colored pig sits atop it. Ha ha ha

  3. si alvin pun ada tabung coins…but his one yg ada compartment each for 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen. so whenver he does the counting when the tabung penuh, i’ll be the one to offer myself cos it is so easy to count when the coins are not mixed up.

    Ethel said: Like that one lagi siok! Easier to count the coins, kan?? Hmm. If I find one that comes in a cute color, I might consider buying one juga.

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