Found this 1960 Budweiser ad 2 days ago:

…and loving it instantly! What’s not to love? The color palette used, the retro illustrations, the BEER! It reminds me so much of the activity Bunny and I do almost every weekend with an uncle of mine. Eat, drink, music and be merry! Just last week, we had a jamming session with a bunch of Datuks‘ sons at one of their exclusive pads. I must say, whoahhhhhh such a nice jamming studio/music room/tempat buang karan. He he he. There’s a classic drum set, guitars, expensive keyboard, bass guitar … even a disco light! Of course, the jamming didn’t include Budweiser beer out of respect to one of the Datuk’s son (who’s a Muslim) But still, it was FUN!

Budwesier session resumed after jamming tho – with Bunny and my uncle, of course.

Well, I’m so looking forward for this weekend again. :)