An old friend called my cellphone yesterday, out of the blue. He was my colleague back when I was still working in Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, I miss him. I miss his funny-side, always the guy who made everyone laugh – despite not doing it on purpose. He told me of his new job, of how he just got a raise in his salary that he’s really happy about it. He also told me of an old flame of his who, out of the blue (just like him), called him up. Probably trying to rekindle the old relationship. lol

We talked for about an hour. He even talked to Bunny. I wish I can work with him again. He’s such a sweet guy who cares about his friends. I remember back then, whenever I go tapau for food, he’ll accompany me to the stall even without me asking. And everyday, he’ll buy Hacks (that cough candy) for me coz he knows I love it.


Anyway, with the thought of wanting to see this old friend as often as I used to, I suggested to Bunny that when his company expands, he should consider hiring him. Not just because he’s my friend, but he’s also someone who we both trust. With our lives. Besides, Bunny could skip the trouble of going through background checks.

Now all I have to do is wait. :-)