For some reason, the title above, spelled as “M.U.S.I.C” reminds me of someone I once knew..with the surname of ‘Miklausic‘. (It’s probably the ‘sic’ that made me think of that person) Sighhhhhhhhh……….. see? Music already makes me emo.

Tonight, I wanna talk a bit about music. Like I said in my other blog, recently, I chanced upon a book by Robin Sharma titled “101 Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“. As I was browsing through the many advices he gave, one particular advice caught my attention.

Lesson No. 58: Listen to music daily

I can understand why.

1. Music is one of the finest motivators

2. Music makes you laugh, dance and sing

3. Music gives you a big spiritual boost

Like me, I listen to music everyday. While working, while cooking, while cleaning the house. When I’m feeling down or depressed, I listen to loud music and shout along with it. When I’m much calmer, I’ll listen to heartbreaking songs. Song like, Dixie Chick’s “When You Were Mine”. It drives me to tears, yes. But it feels SO MUCH BETTER after a good cry. I don’t know why some people would hold back their tears when they’re sad. Just CRY! CRYING HEALS!!! Trust me. I’ve been there A LOT of times. Sometimes I cry till my eyes got all swollen, but who cares. If it makes me feel so much better, I’ll do it.

So where was I? Oh, music.

My choice of music lately, when I’m working, is the Vocal New Age type of music. Music with sitar, music by beautiful Celtic voice, Enya, Sarah Brightman.. those kind of music. They somehow… calm my inner side. Sometimes, I get so into the music, I’d cry inside. *hee* But at times, I’d listen to Nicki Minaj and dance my heart out! I probably have to learn how to play guitar (and violin) to get on my wild side! lol

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have talent in strings. They hurt my fingers..

So, take my advice (if you’re not listening to music daily already). Play some music. Daily. It’ll keep you calm and heal your soul.