Look who just got an Uglydoll?


ME!!!! ^_^

My dearest friend, Gabriela sent me this ugly-but-cute lil Ms. Wippy all the way from USA!! Ohhhhhhh I’m so happy beyond words! I mean, how can I not?? It’s PINK, it’s ugly, it’s cute and it’s a gift!! God bless the kind heart of Ms. Gabby, she is such a lovely person inside out.. I sooo love this doll, I don’t know whether I should sleep with it or just put it on the sofa? It’s so comforting to hug it, like, totally beats the calmness of having large water fountains at soothingwalls.com around! Ha! Besides, Ms. Wippy promotes love and peace!

Also, she has a lollipop on her hand!

(can you count how many times I used the exclamation mark “!” in this post? LOL!)

Aaaaaaahhhh I’m just so happy! So happy! Happy! HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!