It turns out that my old Blackberry would get stuck (or we Sabahan people like to call it as hang mid-song, whenever I play the online radio. Something that I grok on but still does it almost every day. I can’t work without music. I can’t stand the silence when I’m scribbling on my paper or trying to squeeze the juice out of my brain. Whenever the music stop, I’d go insane. Instead of focusing even a nanosecond of my energy into my work, I’d get mad, sometimes, throw a fit over the stupid phone.

Yes, I know I should’ve used my computer to play online radio – but that takes up a lot of memory usage. I work on both Illustrator and Photoshop most of the time, and they use a huge amount of memory. Like, A.LOT

“The Blackberry died again!”

“Play it on your computer.”


“I’ll turn on my music then.”


I dislike Bunny’s choice of music, so letting him play his music would be a torture to my dear ears. His current favorite is that song from the movie Magic Mike. I don’t know the title (and I do not wish to know!) but if you hear that song over and over again, you’ll puke blood. Seriously. I’d rather spend my money on a (err.. that thing you use to compose song), hand it to him and make him play his own composed song. That would be grand!

But as of right now, I’m in need of a new Notebook/Laptop so I can play my online radio without hurting the memory of my computer.