(ohhh.. what a warm night tonight. it’s so warm, i think i’m going to pass out anytime)

so i haven’t been posting anything in my blog lately. life has completely turned from upside down toward upside. ha ha. my small business is suddenly flooded with custom requests for blog design, wedding deco, birthday party pack, christmas stuff etc! it definitely is a very busy month for me. in fact, i am already booked for december that i’m already worried whether i’d be able to bake some christmas cookies for my family!

but then again, like they say… busy means money. ha ha!

speaking of money, bunny might be having another music gig with his band mates sometime early next year in sarawak. with some money, maybe this time i can finally join him and his band mates. i would love to be part of the entourage! lol. i miss chatting with his band mates. they are a bunch of nice, crazy people. i can already imagine how his drummer would be like during the trip. with his snare case backpack and a small duffel bag (he travels light!).. with his cute way of talking. and then there’s the bassist who’s currently living in australia. he’s like a big brother to me. a very nice man who’s also a God-fearing guy. i cry whenever we send him off at the airport!

well, if the gig does happen, you will hear it from me! :)