lately, bunny has been really busy ‘modifying’ his guitar (a sapetar) that he spent almost every night browsing for stuff that i have no idea what it was. it was probably some DIY sites coz i believe i heard the words “spray”, “matte”, “instant dry” came out of his computer speakers. 😛

which brings me to a thought: he wants/plans to buy a hardcase for his guitar that would cost him about $300! yes, it’s THAT expensive coz it’s supposed to be a custom-made hardcase. sigh… wouldn’t it be easier if i could just get those classical guitar case at WWBW for him at Christmas? too bad he doesn’t play classic guitar. he owns a custom-made sapetar!

maybe, just maybe, that it’s a good thing too. i can use the money on my own. muahahahha. christmas is still a long way to go. still got time to save money mah. hihihihih