I’m from Sabah, Malaysia.

My name is Cindy but sometimes I use the name Ethelwenn or Ethel online. Please don’t ask me why. I just like that name.

I’m engaged to a wonderful man whom I met through my brother.

I used to be a freelance makeup artist before finding my true love in designing. I am currently a freelance graphic designer who will work for money and cupcake. Ha!

I have a bantal busuk that I’ve been sleeping with since 1991.

I also have a hand-towel busuk that I got from a family friend from the Philippines since 1993.

I’m a simple girl who prefers to live in a small, quiet town surrounded by trees, flowers, corn field, coconuts, wild animals – ok that was a joke.

I keep myself happy by having/doing stuff that I love – candies, cupcakes, shopping, singing, sleeping, eating, laughing, movies .. (too many to list out).

I want to learn belly dance if possible :P.