Pink Bathroom.. I WANT!

I’ve always have this love-hate relationship with the color “Pink”. But lately, I find myself heading towards the love for pink more. Which explains why I am falling head-over-heels in love with these beautiful pink bathrooms:




I know someone who has a pink bathroom, and it’s beautiful! From the sink to the toilet seat, to the water tap, to the shower.. just beautiful! Once I get a place of my own, I’m gonna make me a pink bathroom too. I’ll renovate the bathroom and turn it into a pink bathroom. Starting from the tiles. Then maybe get some stuff from 36″ bathroom vanity. And then, I’d sew some pink ruffled curtain too. People are gonna go oooohhh and ahhhhhh the moment they enter my pink bathroom. *hee*

Now if only I hit the jackpot…

I ate and ate again..

Mom & dad is down from ‘the countryside’ for a few days, so we were out the whole day today. My already-piling work are automatically put to halt today. 😛 But it was a fun outing. We walked in the rain, we joked while waiting for my dad’s passport at the Immigration office, we made fun of each other, and then we ate – a lot. We also went to the specialized clinic to get meds for my aunt. And then we ate again. A LOT. Tonight, we’re going out again. To EAT.

Most probably, we’re going for a quick shop before they go back to ‘the countryside’. Maybe hop into the little Japanese store we like for some lawn stuff. I think they have a wide selection lawn statues.

That said, I am going to end this post right now. Gonna take a quick shower before proceeding with another outing – to eat.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

You know the bible said, “Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you.” Knock I did, and it has been opened to me!

Thank you, Lord. For the opportunity. For the chance. For the gift. The greatest Christmas gift I can every have! :)

Speaking of gift, my brother is coming home tomorrow. Yay! He’s like a little Santa to me. I know he’ll come bringing gifts with him.. and my pink calculators! Yes, I said calculator with an ‘s’ – because he has TWO pink calculators with him – for me. ME! lol ..and I can’t help but wonder what my Christmas gift will be this year. Hopefully it’s not what was the name again? (I can’t remember cigar names!) Last Christmas, he got all of our uncles some cigars – which they all enjoyed puffing. He he. HOPEFULLY I don’t get cigars this year.

…And talking about gifts, I am reminded again that I NEED to go out and buy some gifts. Ackkk… what a busy December month! :)

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

While everyone else in the other part of the world is having snow, we, on the other hand, over in Borneo, is having extreme hot sun. :( Christmas doesn’t feel so much like Christmas with all these heat, sweat and snow!! *sad face* Fortunately, we have this thing called “air-conditioner” which magically turns a hot room into a freezing place – at a cost. But who could live 24/7 in an air-conditioned room?? It dries my nose and throat!

Maybe it’s still not too late to ask Santa for a real estate holden beach nc as Christmas gift, so maybe I could have my own cold place for Christmas. Besides, I’ve been very nice this year. So Santa, please???

Eye-candy… for some

Decorated a paper lantern to add something new at the corner of my mini studio. It was such an eye-candy for me that I am thinking of making another one. And another, and another…!

Well the picture didn’t actually do any justice to the paper lantern. It looks really cute and nice in real! Like, seriously! *hee* Ini bukan kes masuk bakul angkat sendiri bah, but, really, it’s really cute! If you don’t believe me, you can come over to my place to have a look. Coffee or tes will be served along with biskut Marie yang famous itew. He he he. Of course, we have water too if you prefer to cut down on the calories. All our waters are safe for consumptions. We used ph meter to check the PH of the water as well. 😛

Well what am I blaberring? I must be lacking of sleep ni…. too many late nights lately. :(

Stomachache and another

Well this suck.

Not only am I experiencing period paid, I am also having gastric pain at this moment.



WHY do I have to go through this painful process AT THE SAME TIME every single month???

This totally suck, man, I tell you!


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