Family & Friends

Such An Ugly Doll!

Look who just got an Uglydoll?


ME!!!! ^_^

My dearest friend, Gabriela sent me this ugly-but-cute lil Ms. Wippy all the way from USA!! Ohhhhhhh I’m so happy beyond words! I mean, how can I not?? It’s PINK, it’s ugly, it’s cute and it’s a gift!! God bless the kind heart of Ms. Gabby, she is such a lovely person inside out.. I sooo love this doll, I don’t know whether I should sleep with it or just put it on the sofa? It’s so comforting to hug it, like, totally beats the calmness of having large water fountains at around! Ha! Besides, Ms. Wippy promotes love and peace!

Also, she has a lollipop on her hand!

(can you count how many times I used the exclamation mark “!” in this post? LOL!)

Aaaaaaahhhh I’m just so happy! So happy! Happy! HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Chinese New Year is here again – and so comes that CNY eve dinner with the family tonight! Yay!!! This is the activity that I look forward to every Chinese New Year – a family gathering at my aunt’s (who’s married to a Chinese) place to makan-makan and kumpul ang pow! Ha ha ha

Family gatherings are always a thing for me. I love gatherings. We get to meet cousins from faraway land (lol), sometimes long lost cousins comes back as well. This will be the time for me to sell my products! LOL (Wish I have catalogs for my stuff like the people at

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Don’t let the snake bite you this year! ^_^


My dog, the naughty one

I have a very active dog. No. Active is not the right word. HYPER active is! I cannot sit and do my work without standing up to catch him every 5 minutes. He will bite anything, I mean, EVERYTHING that he sees when he’s bored. The paper bags, the rubbish bags, my clothes, the laundry, Bunny’s paper works, toilet papers, tissues, my jogging shoes… and his favorite ever – my pink Bunny home-slippers!!!

I know that I read somewhere that says “a dog takes up from it’s master’s traits”. Uhm, being smart and handsome – he probably got that from me. Ha ha! Tho Bunny always claims that the dog took up on his traits for being smart. If only we could do a paternity test to prove whose ‘son’ he is…. lol

Judge it from his picture below and you might have a picture of how I go though my days at home!

PS: He dragged the mattress from the daybed himself and placed it in between sofas to… read this, MAKE A PLAYROOM! @.@

Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit

I have this cute, strawberry pink piggy-bank that I got last year at this cute-sy store in Sunway Pyramid. I was still helping my cousin to run his business back then when I got it. The thing about the workplace is, I tend to get lots of tips in the forms of notes and sometimes, coins. LOL. So in order to keep those lil coins, a small coin box would be just the perfect thing to have.

So I got one.

Fast forward to this day. I still have the coin box. In fact, Bunny has been the one who fills it with coins nowadays. And the coin box has reach the maximum amount of coins it can handle. And so, guess what?

Ada orang kira duit semalam. Ha ha ha!

And the final count for the coins were RM99.20. Buli tahan! Of course, not enough to buy us best large wall fountains lah, but it’ll pay our water bill. Or buy my dog a new set of bones. And since Bunny added another 80 cents from his own pocket, we now have a round figure of RM100!


OK la baitu, kan?

Weekend come and go swiftly!

Found this 1960 Budweiser ad 2 days ago:

…and loving it instantly! What’s not to love? The color palette used, the retro illustrations, the BEER! It reminds me so much of the activity Bunny and I do almost every weekend with an uncle of mine. Eat, drink, music and be merry! Just last week, we had a jamming session with a bunch of Datuks‘ sons at one of their exclusive pads. I must say, whoahhhhhh such a nice jamming studio/music room/tempat buang karan. He he he. There’s a classic drum set, guitars, expensive keyboard, bass guitar … even a disco light! Of course, the jamming didn’t include Budweiser beer out of respect to one of the Datuk’s son (who’s a Muslim) But still, it was FUN!

Budwesier session resumed after jamming tho – with Bunny and my uncle, of course.

Well, I’m so looking forward for this weekend again. :)