Family & Friends

Weekend Happiness

The moment I emerged from the car, everyone went, “alamakk.. so sayang your hair!”

And then I go the usual, “The salon salah gunting, and since KK is so damn hot, I had to opt for shorter hair. It’s ok bah, hair can grow.”

I said that way too often, I can memorize the sentence already! ha ha

That happened last weekend when we were back home for our cousin’s wedding. Such a fun weekend that everyone had a good time and was lacking of sleep – all thanks to the non-stop boozing. Ha ha! The best part was, an uncle of mine brought 5 tajaus of Tapai all the way from Keningau! He said that despite having all those branded beers and liquors, we must stick to our root and enjoy some traditional local brew. Good gawd! I got ‘sioponed’ a few times that I end up throwing up a lil. Eeeek!

I also end up sleeping at the living room for the few nights we were home – I couldn’t be bothered to sleep in the room because I’d rather sleep outside where all my cousins, uncles and aunts ended up as well. lol. Another uncle and aunt of mine slept in my bedroom, obviously drunk from the tapai as well.

Some relatives even mentioned that come my wedding, it will be so much grander than this – a scary statement that was. I can already imagine all the tapai and booze! Then after the wedding, comes the “when are you gonna have a baby???”. Oh we will, after you guys donate us some cotton tale designs crib bedding set. Hahahahhahhaha!

The after party

I just woke up from a good 3 hours of nap. I guess we partied too hard last night, but hey, that’s the Christmas spirit us Sabahans have. We eat, drink and be merry – until the security came over to stop us. LOL. But at the end of the day, EVERYONE had great time. So got overly drunk and started acting/saying stuff they shouldn’t, some throw up on the sink and not remembering any part of it the next morning..while some stayed up till the sun rises in the morning!

I must say, it’s gathering like this that creates and makes good friends amongst people – it surely beats the feeling of getting Bioidentical hormone therapy austin for those who needed it. Ha ha!

That said, I have a pile of dishes and stuff to be cleaned from last night’s party. We brought mix veggies, moist chocolate cake and ice-creams. Yum!

PS: My eyes are all black and dark from yesterday’s mascara and eye pencil. I look like a zombie..

Saturday Night Life

Met up with my cousin who just recently got back from Vietnam last night for dinner. My brother, Bunny, myself and a couple of friends went to this steamboat restaurant at Sunway for the purpose. Food was great! I ate way too much that I think I will gain a few pounds from that…

We wanted to hop to a bar after dinner, but everyone thought that everyone was slightly under-dressed, except for this one friend. LOL. But was there such thing as overshoes? Whatever it is, we all end up drinking beer at some local Chinese shop. Ha ha!

Slash Live In Concert KL 2010

It’s confirmed!

Bunny will be doing the opening act for Slash’s 2010 Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got back from Sunway Resort Hotel for the Press Conference. Jaya has been given the honor to show his guitar skills in front of the press. Everyone had fun with some media people cheering and screaming when he played “Sweet Child of Mine”! Fireflyz’s rep had also announced to the media that Jaya Sapetar will be doing the opening act for Slash on his upcoming KL concert on August 5th. :-)

Bah, apa lagi? Datanglah beramai-ramai! Come see Slash live in person, on stage! Concert will be held at Sunway Lagoon. Come sing along with the crowds or dance to burn off the calories (without using any weight loss diet..hehe) and just have fun!

Get your tickets online at :-)

Selamat Hari Wesak

Now that the long holidays have finally hit Malaysia, most city dwellers have been going out of the city to a more relaxing place – my brother, in this case, he went to Tioman with his friends. As for my Bunny and I, we’ll be heading to Miri for Gawai early tomorrow morning.

We haven’t even started packing yet, nor did we completed our shopping list of things to buy for Gawai celebration. Can you imagine the rush? I was so worried, age spots started to appear on my face!

Well I guess my brother was rushing yesterday too, because I think he brought the key to the balcony door – because it’s missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere at home!

Some of the clothes hanging outside on the balcony were clothes that we wanted to take with us to Sarawak – especially them jeans and my inner clothes!

Well ..looks like we’re gonna have to be creative in getting the clothes. We might have to use a pole to pull them back to the door and kasi masuk through the lubang. Aww..


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