It’s My Life

lovely saturday it is

here comes saturday. yay!! i think i’m gonna take a break from work today and spend time with my dog. ha ha. last night (at midnight), he woke me up coz he wanted to have supper. despite my gastric pain, i got up and fix (well – bunny fixed his supper coz i woke him up. lol) him his supper. i tried sitting down beside my dog while he eats, but my stomach hurts so much, i just left the light on. once he’s done eating, i turned it off.

this morning, he woke me up as early as 7am! oh well.. he didn’t know that it’s saturday and that his mommy doesn’t work on saturday.

so yeah, not gonna go on site today but will be spending time with my dog.

what’s your saturday plan?

ooh la la

what i worked on recently.


i seriously think i should start another business related to this. lol

Mini studio a.k.a. Bedroom?

Bunny’s BMB set will be arriving soon and so is his Mac Book Pro. Since we do not have extra room in the apartment to turn into a mini studio for him, we’re thinking of making a partition in the bedroom for his studio. (I saw this on one of the design for compact house once, but couldn’t remember where. The design was for a bedroom with a studio/office partition as well) Now that means we SERIOUSLY need to do something to the bedroom! I’ve already had some ideas on my mind, even told Bunny about how we should do it – he seemed to like the idea as well! Now all we gotta do is to PLAN. Plans on what furniture to get, do we need some kuat racks as well, when should we start etc.

Oh I love when it comes to planning and doing it. Would be so much fun rearranging the bedroom again! :-)

Such An Ugly Doll!

Look who just got an Uglydoll?


ME!!!! ^_^

My dearest friend, Gabriela sent me this ugly-but-cute lil Ms. Wippy all the way from USA!! Ohhhhhhh I’m so happy beyond words! I mean, how can I not?? It’s PINK, it’s ugly, it’s cute and it’s a gift!! God bless the kind heart of Ms. Gabby, she is such a lovely person inside out.. I sooo love this doll, I don’t know whether I should sleep with it or just put it on the sofa? It’s so comforting to hug it, like, totally beats the calmness of having large water fountains at around! Ha! Besides, Ms. Wippy promotes love and peace!

Also, she has a lollipop on her hand!

(can you count how many times I used the exclamation mark “!” in this post? LOL!)

Aaaaaaahhhh I’m just so happy! So happy! Happy! HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!


For some reason, the title above, spelled as “M.U.S.I.C” reminds me of someone I once knew..with the surname of ‘Miklausic‘. (It’s probably the ‘sic’ that made me think of that person) Sighhhhhhhhh……….. see? Music already makes me emo.

Tonight, I wanna talk a bit about music. Like I said in my other blog, recently, I chanced upon a book by Robin Sharma titled “101 Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“. As I was browsing through the many advices he gave, one particular advice caught my attention.

Lesson No. 58: Listen to music daily

I can understand why.

1. Music is one of the finest motivators

2. Music makes you laugh, dance and sing

3. Music gives you a big spiritual boost

Like me, I listen to music everyday. While working, while cooking, while cleaning the house. When I’m feeling down or depressed, I listen to loud music and shout along with it. When I’m much calmer, I’ll listen to heartbreaking songs. Song like, Dixie Chick’s “When You Were Mine”. It drives me to tears, yes. But it feels SO MUCH BETTER after a good cry. I don’t know why some people would hold back their tears when they’re sad. Just CRY! CRYING HEALS!!! Trust me. I’ve been there A LOT of times. Sometimes I cry till my eyes got all swollen, but who cares. If it makes me feel so much better, I’ll do it.

So where was I? Oh, music.

My choice of music lately, when I’m working, is the Vocal New Age type of music. Music with sitar, music by beautiful Celtic voice, Enya, Sarah Brightman.. those kind of music. They somehow… calm my inner side. Sometimes, I get so into the music, I’d cry inside. *hee* But at times, I’d listen to Nicki Minaj and dance my heart out! I probably have to learn how to play guitar (and violin) to get on my wild side! lol

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have talent in strings. They hurt my fingers..

So, take my advice (if you’re not listening to music daily already). Play some music. Daily. It’ll keep you calm and heal your soul.