It’s My Life

Happiness Lies Within You

..I think that’s the title of the song I’m listening to on the online radio right now. A lady by the name of Nigel Holton , singing to an Indian sitar and other Indian musical instruments, chanting the word “Happiness lies within you..” over and over again.

Which is true. Only YOU can make yourself happy. Truly happy.

That said, I am thinking of getting into some project: home improvement kind of project. Maybe get some new chair for my mini office, re-paint the walls, buy a rack (no, I do not have soccer trophies and awards to put, but BOOKS!), plant some flowers and repaint the pots etc. Will I truly be happy after the project?


Back to Basic

I have been neglecting my body needs since like, forever. No, I’m not talking about sex. Sigh. I’m talking about exercising and supplements. Last year, I was all about doing Yoga and taking multi-vitamins, collagen, face mask, ampoules – you name it, I might have tried it! So I had a good, long look at myself (and I read Tara Stile’s ‘Slim Calm Sexy‘) – and decided that SOMETHING needs to be done. Besides, who else is gonna love me, the whole of me if not..surprise, surprise.. ME!

So in short, I am back to doing my morning Yoga (I’m stiff already!) and taking some supplements too. Hopefully by year-end I’ll look like a diva! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Also, I’m considering a food portions plate – maybe it’ll help me in losing my excess weight too. Who knows? 😛

Where have all the flowers gone?

It’s been a while since I last went to a place with very loud music – ie. a drinking pub. LOL. Compared to my life 2 years ago, my current life is kinda boring. I spend most of my time sitting at my desk, working on a new design on either the computer or on a sheet of paper. And then I’d go out with Bunny and the dog for an evening joyride. Sometimes we go to the beach, sometimes we just take a stroll around the neighborhood. If there is one thing I can say about the parks in Kota Kinabalu is that I HATE THEM. Not because they aren’t pretty, it’s because they DO NOT allow PETS to enter. I mean, what’s the big deal??? We are a very responsible pet owners who picks up their pet’s poo and throw it in the bin. I’m sure everyone else does the same at the park. So WHY NO PETS?? It’s so hard to find a place to walk our dog because of this stupid policy! And because of this stupid policy, we had to resort to taking the dog for a walk at the beach or just around the neighborhood. So boring!

Now where was I? Oh, my life. Yes, my life’s kinda boring now. I don’t have many friends over here. I really miss my old friends back in KL…. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to go out and yumcha with and gossip talk about nothing. Just tell stupid jokes and laughing as hard as I used to do.. Sigh… Well, it’s not that I don’t have any friends here in KK, I just.. (you know how hard it is to build a close friendship??) I have friends, of course, but none so close.

Anyway, before I go deep into the emo thingy, I’d like to just say two words: ‘instrument knobs‘. I don’t know why I said that, but that just comes to my mind. LOL

Talk again later.

Wishing for a star

I’m not a singer but I really love to sing. I was watching American Idol yesterday when this contestant (I can’t really remember her name, but I think it was Kree??) And she song this song by Grace Potter titled ‘Star’.. and she sang it beautifully, it took my breath away! Maybe because she sang it beautifully, maybe it was her sad background.. or maybe the lyrics of the song just reminds me of someone, and it touches my heart…

Here’s the song..

How I wish I have a beautiful voice like Grace’s.. I’d be singing on the stage with multiple monitor stands, singing my heart out to the crowds and really mean each and every word I say.. lol

But oh well, a girl can only wish…

My dog, the naughty one

I have a very active dog. No. Active is not the right word. HYPER active is! I cannot sit and do my work without standing up to catch him every 5 minutes. He will bite anything, I mean, EVERYTHING that he sees when he’s bored. The paper bags, the rubbish bags, my clothes, the laundry, Bunny’s paper works, toilet papers, tissues, my jogging shoes… and his favorite ever – my pink Bunny home-slippers!!!

I know that I read somewhere that says “a dog takes up from it’s master’s traits”. Uhm, being smart and handsome – he probably got that from me. Ha ha! Tho Bunny always claims that the dog took up on his traits for being smart. If only we could do a paternity test to prove whose ‘son’ he is…. lol

Judge it from his picture below and you might have a picture of how I go though my days at home!

PS: He dragged the mattress from the daybed himself and placed it in between sofas to… read this, MAKE A PLAYROOM! @.@

Where is Christmas?

Now let me see, Christmas is just over 2 months away.. and already we’re making a few preparations. Bunny for instance is already searching for the best Christmas music to be played come Christmas Day – in fact, he has been playing a few Christmas tunes at home already while we work! Me on the other hand, is still trying to figure out a way to get my violin over to KK so I could learn a few Christmas song on it. Maybe I’ll even consider getting another music instrument so I could make use of my dad’s brand new BMB speakers set – yes, he is planning on getting one!

Ahhhh Christmas, come faster already!

By the way, that’s my new Christmas pen for the year 2012. 😀


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