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Mission Not Accomplished

I just got back from my long-abandoned so-called power walk. This time, Bunny and I went to Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil. That place is beautiful! Lots of food and drink vendors waiting at the entrance as well – which is good lah, coz I can buy drinks after the walk.

This is somewhere near the park’s entrance:

And yes, that’s fatty me in the picture…

Bunny brought along the camera today, by the way. So the walk was pretty slow. 😡 I walked waaaaay ahead of him while he happily took photos of the rabbit, kittens (can you believe people actually abandoned their pets here?!! mofos) and monkeys! Perhaps I’ll post photos of them cute monkeys in my other blog later.

I did jog a bit while Bunny was busy taking photos. I jogged away from him then I jogged towards him. I even mentioned to Bunny how my friend, Massy lost 3kgs from jogging alone! He said, “Kau dah menganggur 3 years, of course gemuk lah stay at home.” Cis. I’m so glad I just got a job and I start tomorrow. I don’t have to spend my days sitting in front of the computer working on custom graphics while surfing the net for infos on adult acne treatments (not that I need the treatments! :-P). And since I get off from work at 6:00PM, I probably have enough time to jog for an hour before going back home to prepare dinner and do the laundry.

Well, overall it was a great walk. I sweat like a pig, especially when I walked up the what seemed like a thousand flight of stairs! I hope I burned a lot of calories from the walk/jog because as of right now, Bunny is busy preparing for dinner. Makan sedap lagi malam ni. YAY!!!

Cerita Kerang

Last Saturday, Bunny went off from work earlier than usual so he took me for a ride around Cheras in the evening. We passed by a raw of Malay stalls selling hawker foods which includes ikan bakar and kerang bakar.

“Let’s have some kerang bakar. What say you?”, he asked.

“Sure! Mesti siok ni!” I replied in excitement.

So we sat at one corner close to the TV. A soccer match was showing – I think it was MU versus some other team. (am not a football fan so I don’t know!). We ordered a plate of kerang bakar. When it arrived, Bunny helped me with a few because it was really hot. I must tell you this – the kerang bakar was delicious!!!! I think I ate more than Bunny that day. The funny part was, he only found out that day that I love kerang bakar. lol

And guess what? We had kerang bakar again yesterday. At the same stall. lol. I even joked at Bunny that I might die of heart attack tonight from high cholesterol. I guess I better start heading for the treadmills before that really happens!

Oh by the way, I found the card reader!!!!!!! Maybe soon I can post some photos in this boring blog already lah. Hihihihi~

Hoe! Hoe! Hoegaarden!

Damn, had too much fun (food & drinks) last night.

Right after dinner (I had nasi ayam lagi tu), we went for a little bit of drink – my favorite beer, Hoegaarden. Manatau sampai that German restaurant and bar, Bunny and my uncle went ahead to order some German sausages – for pusas konon. Sekali that thing arrived, OH MY GAWD.. sebesar “anu” gajah!

(My brother took this photo. That’s me in black and do you notice the sausages??)

It was so huge that it reminded me of gajah punya “anu” yang diberikan hgh. LOL!! Even those guys next to our table went “Whoaaaa!” when the sausages arrived. Bunny and my uncle sheepishly said, “Oh.. but it looked tiny in the menu..”

Man.. we had trouble eating them up we end up tapau most of it home.

And I must say this.. I can never look at sausages the same way again!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Window Pane

It’s raining back in Sabah, at my parents’ place particularly. And some other parts in Sabah, it’s actually flooding! But here in KL, there was so little rain, so many hot suns!

But not right now. It’s raining cats and dogs over here.. and I’m all excited!! I think I’m gonna do my laundry more often these days – because I know my laundry activities will induce rain. Hahahaha!

Anyway, for those of you who’s wondering where am I or what happened to me after that sort-of emo post I made, I’m doing well actually. I’m back in KL living a new life with new surroundings, new housemates (yes, I moved to a new place) ..and new partner. Yep, I finally found the love I have been searching for. All credits goes out to The Lord, of course. He was the one who arranged everything. He was the one who made me go through all the pains and sufferings in the World, to prepare me for what He had in store just for me. For that, I am thankful for all the lessons He gave. It made me appreciate my life and myself more. And of course, Him too.

Will tell the stories someday. :-)

By the way, have you visited the National Zoo lately? I went there last week with my partner and it was so much fun! He enjoyed taking photos after photos while I enjoy buying ice creams, foods and drinks. LOL! Seriously, you need A LOT of money with you when visiting places like this. You just couldn’t stop eating!

And yeah.. that’s me, eating Dorayaki while carrying bags of honey, mineral waters.. and who knows what..

Well, if you’re living in Malaysia, particularly in KL area, do take some time to visit our National Zoo. Support our local zoo. Help feed the animals. Hey, you’ll get a very cute car sticker when you buy the entrance ticket! 😀 I pasted mine at the back of my partner’s car. LOL! (er.. more likely, HE pasted it himself. I only help on the pressing it unto the glass part)

Well, gotta stop now. It’s still raining heavily outside. I gotta dry my linens, check my travel medical insurance (kidding!) and get ready for tonight. My partner’s performing with his friends at a bar and I’m supposed to accompany him. Also uncle Richard’s in town! He might be joining us tonight. Yayness!!!

OK, gotta scoot. God bless ya!

I Heart Green

I was out jungle trekking yesterday – and all I can say is:


It was like one of the best experience I ever had in my whole life! I went up the hill, down the hill, jungle fruit hunting, river crossings etc. At one point, I actually had to cross a river by walking on small bridge made out of a fallen tree. While everyone else made their way safely to the other side, I accidentally stepped on a rotten branch – and I fell fashionably into the river! ¬¬

Anyway, nobody brought camera along with them – which sucks. I didn’t have my compact camera with me, nor do I want to drag my DSLR along with me. Even our cellphones were left behind because there wouldn’t be any reception at all. I think. (I wonder if anyone brought along some blemish acne cream during the trip. LOL)

Overall, it was a fun trip …..but I don’t plan to do it again in the near future. Maybe in a year or two later. Very tiring lah! My body’s all aching right now, especially on the hip side – where it landed first when I fell into the river. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, I broke a few fingernails along the way. There’s also a few visible scratches and cuts on my right hand – thanks to the thorn infested jungle plants and wild pineapples that grows along the paths.

Next time, I’m taking my cellphone (stuffed inside a water-resistant container, of course) so I could take a few photos to show off. :þ

Kid Says The Darnest Thing

I was enjoying my meal yesterday when I noticed this kid approaching the old man who was seated in front of me. He was looking over to his right, staring blankly at something. He was in his own world, probably thinking of the funtime he had last night (lol) – when this kid, placed his hand on the chair beside the old man and said:

“Excuse me, uncle. Can I have this chair?”

The old man seemed to be in deep thoughts because he did not respond. I was impressed with how polite the boy was, even though he had already lifted the chair halfway when he asked.. I said to myself, “Wow, his parents must’ve thought him well” ..until a much younger boy (probably his little brother) who was seated behind the old man screamed:


That startled the old man! He turned and gave the boy a nod.

Now that was plain rude of that lil boy… but it was funny too. Maybe he just didn’t have the patience. I wanted to laugh my head off, but the old man was looking at me…


Small Talk: Speaking of “meal”, I think it’s time to sign up at Orovo if I wanna slim down before Christmas.. *sigh*