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Pink for CNY

I got a glittering gold dress from Miss Selfridge last year for New Year. They gave me a beautiful paper bag and I was smitten ever since. Today, I walked past their store again. I remember seeing a cute skirt displayed on their rack last year – but being out of budget, I didn’t get to buy it – so I walked in to find that particular skirt. To my disappointment, it wasn’t there anymore. And to make things worse, there weren’t any skirt displayed AT ALL! *sob* CB lah, I should’ve bought the skirt when I first saw it..

There were a few girls in the store browsing for CNY clothes, I assume. Most of them picked the color RED, obviously for good luck. I think. And then I thought, Hey, why not get a red top for CNY myself? And quickly I picked the first cute red top I saw. EEK! I look like a huge angpow (red packet)! Returned the red top and picked a black top with a hint of pink.

HUGE pink flower actually πŸ˜›

Just a simple top lah.. nothing fancy

Paid RM129 for the top expecting to see another pretty paper bag – until I saw the cashier put the top into a plastic bag! (Even the lady who paid for RM300+ for her clothes also got a plastic bag)

Fugly plastic bag!
What am I gonna do with this?
Put on top of my head when I’m bored??

I think they’re only giving away paper bags on special occasions like Christmas. Hey wait, CNY is also an occasion lah!! Apa lah… cis. Best part is, I am RM129 poorer: all because of my greed for a cute skirt and pretty paper bag. I shall start eating Maggi from tomorrow onward. Hahahaha..

Anyway, since I no longer celebrate CNY, I think the top would be a best excuse to shop for a CNY and Valentine’s Day top. Heh.

Tale is old as time..

I happened to be at Jusco Kepong last week when I stumbled upon this “showcase” made by a photography shop which displayed a huge collection of beautifully-taken photos of their clients (and family probably.. hehe) that made me stop to look and almost signing up for a photo shoot session with them.

I managed to control the urge.

Instead, I walked around and met Belle from Beauty and the Beast. *heehee*


I told ya. LOL

It’s actually one of the background for their photo shoot, but I managed to take a photo of it while the photographer’s busy taking some shots on a kid, posing in front of him. And that explains why I took the shot from that angle. πŸ˜› Curi-curi ambil bah..

Wish I know a carpenter who could actually build my own Beauty and the Beast statue like that. It would be great to have your own Disney characters at home, in your own bedroom, don’t you think? If only I know someone…. I’d probably get him a festool for Christmas gift too. hehehe..

There wasn’t much things to see at Jusco tho. No grand Christmas trees nor do they have any breathtaking Christmas deco setup. I think this would be the prettiest tree there..


..which also happened to be one of the backdrop for the photography ad.

Oh well, better than no Christmas tree at all. :-)

Tuesday Tales

Hum.. I just woke up from a short nap. Was having a terrible headache from wearing spectacles. I really hate wearing contact lens or my glasses but since I am short sighted, I had to wear them, especially today: Because I went for a movie!


Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Ooooohh… this is a beautiful movie. It made me cry again and again and again. Actually I don’t know how many times I cried, but I remember having tears running down my cheek almost the whole show! Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a sad movie but it made me cry. I can’t explain why.. maybe I just miss my childhood. I miss being a child once again.

If you haven’t watch this movie, you should. Brings your kids or the little ones along too. This is one movie the kids would love. Trust me.. it’s like a movie for children.. at least I felt that way because I was the only adult in the room watching this show earlier – except for the parents of the kids lah. LOL

Anyway, I managed to do some “unexpected” shopping too. πŸ˜›


Christmas tree skirt, ribbons, red tote and pyjamas from Women’Secret, mini Gund teddy bear and a novel. (and there goes my RM300 cash.. >.<) I know, I know.. I said I'm trying to control myself from over-spending.. but how could I say NO to these?? They are soooo cute!! Especially this one..


I went in and out of the store FOUR times deciding whether or not I should buy the tote, because it was kinda pricey. But deep down, my heart was telling me to go for it: so I bought it. Hehe.. besides, I think it looks cute, especially with the mini purse that comes attached inside of the tote. I can keep coins in that! πŸ˜›

And if you think that’s already spending a lot on unnecessary stuff, wait till you hear what I did next. I went home, tired and headache but still managed to get online and purchased a bottle of Issey Miyake perfume – because I feel like getting a new one and shopping online was too convenient. I also plan to get a new ipod battery for my mini iPod because mine is dying soon. (I’ll need that iPod for my flight back home next month)


I just canNOT control myself..

Sunday Splurge

If you read my other blog, you’d probably read about my latest table lamp. I finally got one after months of stalking people who auctions table lamp on eBay! Hahaha! This is my Lovely Lace table lamp, courtesy of my Sunday splurge at MidValley earlier today.

Teddy bear does not come with the table lamp. For decorating purpose only. πŸ˜›

The table lamp is cheap only.. compared to the ones I saw in eBay. Only RM129.90 (with 10% discount too!). I really like this new table lamp of mine: even tho it wasn’t my first choice. My first choice was something in lavender color, but it was over RM200. :-( Since this one is cheaper, I get this one loh… Besides, it still has this chic, “English” look. *teehee* I’m a big fan of “English” stuff. Like English garden deco, English rose bedset, Englishman.. In fact, my dream room would be a room filled with everything “English”. (if possible, an Englishman in the room too) So far, I’ve only began like 20% of that plan. Will show you the result when it’s done.

Oh speaking of Sunday splurge, while browsing for gifts at Lovely Lace today, there was this sudden pain on my abdomen which I do not know why. My first thought was Shit, did I just got my period?! And there I was, at Lovely Lace, thinking of running to the pharmacy after the Lovely Lace affair for some PMS relief. Anyway, by the time I’m done shopping, the pain was all gone. Probably overjoyed from the lots of stuff i got. Haha.. (by the way, turned out I wasn’t having any period. Gastric most probably. LOL)

Sorry I can’t post all the items that I bought tho. Some of those were gifts I bought for my family and since my parents reads my blog, it’s better not to post the photos here else the gifts wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

But I can show you some freebie I got after spending RM244.80 at Lovely Lace.

Hari Raya “hung pau”! (money packet) Hahahahaha! Cute kan? I love the colors so much!! Too bad you guys won’t be getting any Raya money from me on these “hung pau” because I’m not gonna use them. They’re too cute to give away. Sorry folks, but I’m keeping them! πŸ˜›

Jalan-Jalan Kota Melaka (Final)

Continuation from my previous Melaka trip photos. :B

Ruins of St. Paul’s church

St. Paul’s church view from the side

(Click on the thumbnail to read)

St. Francis Xavier, a regular visitor of St. Paul’s church.
Someone broke the statue’s hand, apparently -_-
(Yes, Miriam.. he’s from Spain!! :D)

My fav place to visit…:P

2 of the few Dutch graves left.
No eerie feelings at all here..

Street musician. He plays very nice music from his harmonica.

Fort A Famosa. Built in the year 1511 by the Portuguese.

The back side of the fort.




What’s left of the Fort A Famosa..

Jalan-Jalan Kota Melaka (Part 2)

Continuation from my previous post on my last visit to Melaka.

If you go further into the tourist-attraction side of the town, you will find these:

Paint the town in red! This is an old town in Melaka.



The fountain of youth!! (just kidding)


Souvenir stalls.

A decorated trishaw is one of the attraction here in Melaka.

Trishaw, anyone?

Well, that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the photos. :)
Will try to upload the remaining photos again soon.


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