Personal Stuff

I just launced my new FB Page! :)

Whoa, what a week! Just when I’m filled with lots of things on my plate, Mrs Flo decided to come pay me a visit along with my old time friend – Mas Gassie Gastric. Yii so geram! I was practically bed-ridden for 2 days straight! And then my dog thinks that the house is a playground that he mess things up all over, leaving me sweeping the floor and mopping it despite the pain. *sigh* Nasib baik Bunny helped with the dishes or else Ms PMS will come screaming my heads off. πŸ˜›

So I launched my new Facebook Page for my graphic stuff – The Pink Powder Puff.

It’s mostly in pink and vintage colors – the colors which I recently found that I’m deeply in love with and has since embraced with it. lol. This is another way of trying to earn some side income (to buy them carpet cutters as well.. lol) ..but most of all, it’s to satisfy my passion with graphic designing and cutesy, pastel-y and vintage-y thingy.

If you happen to come visit my Page, pls do let me know you stopped by. I’d love to hear from you!

Pretty in Pink

I love PINK. Not the singer, but the color pink. I loved pink so much that as a little girl, I once told my daddy that someday when I grow up, I will buy myself a pink car. And then the word “pink” became like a teasing word amongst my family.

“Someday, Cindy will have a house colored in PINK!”

“Look, there’s a green car. Bet Cindy’s gonna have a PINK one some day!”

“You sure she’ll like it, it’s not PINK..”

etc etc

But as I grow up, I kept telling myself that PINK is for little girls. So I “shifted” my favorite to the color black. When I first got my car, (a 2nd hand Honda Civic)..I didn’t quite like the color white, so I send it off to the car-painting shop to have the color changed to pearl black. Spent a good RM2.2k on changing the color alone. Almost everyone told me that white looked better and black made it looked like it’s too warm to be inside.


Until a few months ago, I found myself having this irresistible feelings towards the color pink again. When we shifted back to my hometown after years of living in the big city, and guess what? I painted our new apartment’s wall in pink and white!

And last week, I found this super-duper cute ear buds in the color of..well, you guess it..

And just last week too, the pink makeup brushes I ordered from Korea arrived – and I fell instantly IN LOVE with it!

I guess I’m a pink girl, afterall. :-)

He’s Back!

So Bunny’s back from his Gawai trip, bringing along lots of foods and tuak with him! He also told us how Gawai this year wasn’t as good and ‘happening’ like last year because they’ve lost 2 of their elders from the rumah panjang late last year. And since his father was not there to perform the berbiau, the celebration seems to have lost it’s aura this year.

Also he told me that his niece tidak jadi move to JB because his sister wouldn’t allow her to go. She ends up getting a job in Bakun and she was home for Gawai, bringing along a TV and radio set for her family. How sweet is that? I wish I have a digital tv in my bedroom right now so I could watch TV at the comfort of my bed. *sigh*

But anyway, now that Bunny’s back.. I’m a happy baby Bunny once again! πŸ˜€

Missing him..

Today will be the 2nd day Bunny’s not home. Tho I’m not the overly lovey-dovey kind, somehow, I do miss him. It makes a whole lot of difference not having him around. I have no one to get mad at. I have no one to argue with. I have no one to talk to before falling asleep… and worse, I have no one to chauffeur me around! πŸ˜›

Bunny’s home for the Gawai at his homeland, leaving me and the doggie behind. This is the first time I didn’t join him. Bukan pasal ada gaduh or anything.. it’s just that..we didn’t have the heart to leave our overly manja dog behind, so I had to stay. Even without his dad around, you can see how much he’s missing him. The dog couldn’t stop looking at the door and out the window, hoping for Bunny to suddenly appear. At night when we sleep, he (the dog) would bury his face in the pillow where Bunny normally sleeps… Just the sight of it breaks my heart… Uwaaaaaaaa! Seeing him not happy like that makes me feel like taking him out for a run and just drain the energy out of him so he could sleep the whole day! He he he

Anyway, Bunny’s coming home first thing tomorrow morning. The dog gets his father and I’ll have my chauffeur back. Yay!

Move like Jagger

I’m proud to say that I am following the footsteps of my brother – not in wall-climbing, but in the road of losing weight. He he he… After 3 years of constant binging and worried sick of my weight-gain, I am finally losing it and slowly getting back into the shape that I used to have. Yay me!

Also I’m proud to say that my bicep is slowwwwwwly showing already!!! I know it’s slow, but I’m getting there!!

Can’t call myself a gym junkie or a gym rat yet, since I only go like 3 times a week. But I can say that I’m slowly getting addicted to sweating it out. And the fact that the music at the gym also siok-siok, so the semangat to walk on that threadmill (yg tinggi mcm Mt Kinabalu) also tinggi! Muahahahaa!

Christina Vujnich.. I am slowwwwwwly reaching my target of having your body. Fingers cross!

There comes a time..

Today will be my last day at work.. and to say that I don’t feel a thing about it, it would be a lie. There is this mixed feelings I have. Happy that I could finally gain some life, but totally sad at the thought that I am leaving behind my colleagues who eventually end up being my real friends. Yes, friends. It is hard to get your colleagues to be your real friends, good friends. They were always there when I needed someone to talk to, they were also there when I needed a hand. Heck, they were willing to spend their weekends going to the movies with me even tho the movie I chose was not their cup of tea!

But I guess everything must come to an end. I guess my working life would end today. I guess I’ll be back doing work from home once again. Or maybe not. Ever since I got this job, I have been gone from my other social life. I hardly spoke to my parents on the phone, I don’t get to see my brother quite often.. and I hardly ever spoke to God… So I guess now would be the best time to reflect on myself, taking all the time to meditate, Yoga and of course, pray. Since we’re moving to another state in about a couple of months, I probably will only be hunting for a job by next year. *fingers cross* In the meantime, if you’d like to send a gift of sympathy to me (LOL), by all means, please do! Ha ha ha!


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