Retail Therapy

in need of a new washi storage

i seriously have a serious problem.

first of all, my washi tape addiction is beginning to hurt my purse and there’s nothing i plan to do in getting it to stop. my washi tape collection is just growing and growing at each day. whenever the postman sends a notification of package, Bunny would go “more tapes?”

yes. it’s THAT serious.

and with the addiction problem comes the storage problem. i just recently got this wooden storage from kaison to store my washi tapes. but as it turned out, it could not fit all my tapes! i need a bigger storage! maybe i need those organizers for my cabinets to store my tapes! boo hoo!

i want NEED something like what torie jayne has:

washi storage

i need thaaaaaaaaat!!! uwaaaaaa!

of course, my washi tape collection is not as huge as hers, yet. to date, i only have about 30 washi tapes but it’s still growing. in fact, i am shopping for more washi tapes today. lol

if you have any idea where i can get those storage, please do let me know. my washi tape will thank you! 😀

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

To start with, I’m not really into those BB Cream craze. I know a few of my friends swear by Skin79 BB Creams or the ones by Dr. Jart – but to this day, I stand firm on the ground and did not fall into the land of BB Creams. Well, not until I saw the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick.

Halt! I’m not saying that I’m a BB Cream user or addict, yet. I’m just saying that I saw a BB Cream that caught my eye and I couldn’t resist it, so to say.

Eh, but actually it wasn’t the first time I ‘saw’ it today. I saw it once at Lintas’ Watsons last month, but sad to say, they were out of stock and only the display box was on display. Today is the first time I actually TOUCH the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick. What draws me into buying the BB Stick? Well..because it reminds me of my favorite Kryolan TV Paint Stick – which I LOVE!!! Except for the price, that is. A Kryolan TV Paint Stick can go up to RM75 to RM96 per stick. (If I get them from my makeup school, I get 10% discount tho) Pricey but hey, after using it, you’ll know WHY they are so expensive. You get what you pay lah kunun. Even without the outdoor ceiling fans turned on, if you’re wearing TV Paint stick along with Kryolan’s Anti-Shine powder, your face will look as fresh as the morning dew. 😛 And I’m not lying!

OK, back to Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB Stick. I haven’t tried it out. I swatched a bit on my arm but that’s about it. Haven’t tried it out on my face. Wanted too, but it’s 7:37PM already and I’m too lazy to play with my makeup right now. Besides, Bunny’s sitting right behind me playing his Sapetar loudly. Mau gila kepala saya.. but I PROMISE to write a review on it on my so-called commercial blog soon after I tried it out. With pictures lagi probably.

In the meantime.. hum, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Maybe do some blog hop.

Pretty in Pink

I love PINK. Not the singer, but the color pink. I loved pink so much that as a little girl, I once told my daddy that someday when I grow up, I will buy myself a pink car. And then the word “pink” became like a teasing word amongst my family.

“Someday, Cindy will have a house colored in PINK!”

“Look, there’s a green car. Bet Cindy’s gonna have a PINK one some day!”

“You sure she’ll like it, it’s not PINK..”

etc etc

But as I grow up, I kept telling myself that PINK is for little girls. So I “shifted” my favorite to the color black. When I first got my car, (a 2nd hand Honda Civic)..I didn’t quite like the color white, so I send it off to the car-painting shop to have the color changed to pearl black. Spent a good RM2.2k on changing the color alone. Almost everyone told me that white looked better and black made it looked like it’s too warm to be inside.


Until a few months ago, I found myself having this irresistible feelings towards the color pink again. When we shifted back to my hometown after years of living in the big city, and guess what? I painted our new apartment’s wall in pink and white!

And last week, I found this super-duper cute ear buds in the color of..well, you guess it..

And just last week too, the pink makeup brushes I ordered from Korea arrived – and I fell instantly IN LOVE with it!

I guess I’m a pink girl, afterall. :-)

Oh, Radley!

I got my first Radley bag experience a week ago, when Bunny and I went shopping for last minute stuffs to bring back for our Gawai holidays. We walked passed the little Radley section at Parkson and instantly fell in love with their collection. While I was having hard time choosing between their cute wallet/purse collection, Bunny found the bag of his dream (ha ha), the Radley Rolling Rocks.

The bag was selling at RM1,010 but since it was on sale, we got it at only RM606! Yes, I said we got it because we DID end up buying the suitcase!

The bag’s so cute! The inside of the bag is peach in color. It comes with 3 little peach-colored bag as well: 2 little bags for shoes/slippers and a bigger-sized bag to store wet clothes. SUPER-CUTE!

Of course, the craziness did not end just there. Yours truly, me, end up buying myself a Radley wallet as well. Well… my old Carlo Rino wallet is getting really old (got it when I got my first gaji from my first real job in Sabah many years ago) so it’s only right to get a brand-new one ma, kan? kan? 😛

I got the Radley Plain Sailing wallet! ^_______^

For this wallet, it wasn’t on sale so.. I had to pay RM330 for it. :’/

So there you go, spent about RM1k plus in a single store in a day. But at least now I have 2 Radley bags!! (and I plan to have more when $$$ permits. hehehe) I think I’m sooo going obsessed with Radley now, I’m gonna make a Smilebox scrapbook layouts for them! You gotta love the terrier on Radley, he’s so cute!!!

Oh by the way, Radley paper bags are super cute!!!! ^______^

I gotta make more $$ now… :'(

Urban Decay crazy

I have been browsing like a mad girl from one website to another and not forgetting eBay – just to get a sight on Urban Decay’s makeup line. In fact, what I really, REALLY wanted was the Naked Palette. After seeing a makeup tutorial on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, I went crazy for THAT particular makeup and sanggup mati was so eager to get my hands on it.

The thing is, this makeup palette is out of stock from every website you can think of that sells Urban Decay products. Both and listed it as ‘Out of Stock’. So sedih!

Someone actually emailed me and offered RM400 (with free shipping) for the makeup palette (brand new, authentic one) but I flatly refused it. Sephora sells it for $44. No way in hell am I gonna pay RM400 for it. I might be crazy for it but I’m not stupid enough to spend extra on a makeup that would cost me only RM180. I might as well use the money to buy my mom some Murray Feiss lighting for Christmas!

But anyway, to make long story short, I managed to place an order for a set and get myself in the waiting list. It’ll cost me RM180 only (not inclusive of shipping, of course). I can’t wait!!!!!

Oh Urban Decay, cepat-cepat lah send new stocks already!

PS: I also bought the Urban Decay Primer Potion today online (from and they have ready stock. Should be arriving at my doorstep soon. YAY!!!!!!!