Retail Therapy

Mana barang ku??

The Post-its that I ordered from Korea has not arrived yet to this day. Eeeee… I’ve emailed the person who handles the sale and still no reply from her yet. I know buying stuff online has its risk, but this person has Feedback like 99% good – I couldn’t be so unlucky that I happened to be part of the 99%??? It’s not like I intend to sue her, I just want her to mail my items already!

Because I am thinking of buying another product from Korea soon… hehehe..

Of course, not from the same seller lah.. And this one has a 100% positive feedback.

Cute plastic bag, kan? I can use them to tapau foods & cookies for my relatives come Christmas soon. LOL!

Pink attack!

Wahh.. I’ve been talking about PINK saja oh lately, kan? Because today I’m gonna post something pink again. :-)

It’s a pink rose candle!!!!!

Lama boh gia sudah aku order ni.. baru hari ini sampai. I wanted to put it on my desk when I started my first day at my new workplace.. tau-tau hari ni baru dapat. Consider bangas a bit already lah. Nasib baik lah it’s not as expensive as slimming body wraps, or I’ll make a fuss for it. But it’s okay lah. At least I got it finally and tomorrow my desk will have a new resident. *hee*

PS: I will try to blog hop this weekend! Lately very busy oh at the office….. I only get to reach home by 8:30pm :-(

Tickled Pink, Again

This time it’s a blanket!

Oh dear, I think I’m in love with Dena’s Minky Blanket already! I couldn’t take my eyes off them and I wish I have them with me NOW so I can rest in peace sleep peacefully tonight. Hujan lebat lagi tu sekarang.. sioknya kalau bergapus tidur with a pink minky blanket. *hee*

I know I’m not really into contemporary furnitures, I am more on the little things that I can actually use all the time – like a blanket la. OK, maybe a bed too (which is a furniture!)… but.. a blanket is like a thing you can drag around the house. On the sofa, on the day bed, on the couch.. in the car! lol

Too bad there’s no bigger-sized blanket for 2 but I guess getting a single blanket ok juga bah kan? 2 person under a small blanket – boleh mengeratkan sillaturahim tu. Hahahahaha!

It’s So Unfair.. T________T

Why are there soooooo many beautiful and pretty things out there.. and I just don’t seem to have all the money to buy everything???


Like this shower curtain by Aussino for example:

I really like the prints on it that I can almost image how beautiful it’ll look like in my bathroom! I’m sure it wouldn’t cost that much bah kan? Anyone been to Aussino lately??? How much is a shower curtain???

And apart from that, I also noticed a few beautiful bedsheets from their website. Uwaaaaaaa… I want to buy ALL of their bedsheets and change my bedsheet once a day!! It’s so unfair lah that there are so many rich people (and I mean filthy rich people) out there who have no problem in buying super-duper expensive things.. Unlike me, I probably couldn’t even afford the Robern Medicine cabinet

Ish.. bagus aku pergi tidur lah. The more I surf the Net for home thingy.. the more I see beautiful things that I want. Kalau diikutkan hati, bankrapt lah aku before end of the month.. Gotta stay away from this “Buy Online” websites!

Headband Gaga

OMG I SO want this!

This beautiful headband is handmade from Ireland – and I so want it! Again, I so want it!!!! But unfortunately, I’ve promised Bunny that I wouldn’t be making any purchase online again starting this month – unless if I reeeeeeeeeeally have to. Coz you see, I’m crazy about buying stuff online – because it’s so easy and convenient to do! Just last month, I purchased initials of me & Bunny made out of wood and beautifully hand-painted that comes with a matching bow! (Oh.. I have yet the time to take a photo of it and show you. Hehehe. I will soon!) And those initials costed me quite a bomb – mini bomb la. It wasn’t that expensive.. but I ordered 2 sets. That’s why…. Maybe murah lagi if I buy document management software as compared to the wooden initial price.

Anyway. About this headband. It costs $16 (not inclusive of shipping).. and that’s about RM51.20?? Wahhh.. mahal jugak oh for a headband. But see how la, if I can manage to pujuk si Bunny to buy it as an early birthday gift for me. *hee*

Pretty In Pink

I know Christmas is like 9 months away but it isn’t wrong planning for a Christmas tree way earlier, no? Coz you see, I was surfing the Internet yesterday and I saw someone posted a photo of her Christmas tree – which was in PINK!

Something like this tree lah..

Fake tree but always fresh looking. So cute too!!

But guess how much? The smallest tree starts from $159 (and that’s in US Dollar!) and can go up to $250 above.. that doesn’t include shipping cost yet. (try converting that to Ringgit Malaysia.. lol)

Sigh. Why does America have all the nice things and we don’t???