He Loves Me Just The Way I Am

I had a long stare at myself in the mirror today: not in the admiring way but more on the HATE way. I hate the look of my skin (tho I could say there’s been a 70% improvement since using those bloody expensive skincare.. ), I hate the size of my upper part (maybe I should consider getting them enlarged. HAHAHAHA), I hate my hair.. and most of all, I hate not being skinny!!

Whenever I lurk into those skinny websites online, I feel like an obese, like a cute pink hippo compared to those stick-like supermodels, yet, I just couldn’t stop eating. Blame my long history of gastric, whenever I stop eating, they hurt me tummy.

Wanna know the best part? Despite all the hatred, I went out and bought these for myself today:

FOUR pieces of sinfully fattening cupcakes!

Gawd I hate myself. I REALLY need to sign up for gym soon ..but I hate going there alone. Anyone wanna be my gym partner? Muahahahaha! (I’m serious!) Imagine YOU and ME, gossiping exchanging diet menu ideas while working out on the threadmill. Wouldn’t it be fun?? πŸ˜›

Anyway. I think I need a new haircut. Maybe an Ah lian type of haircut. It probably won’t cost a lot, maybe just the price of a room in cheap hotels. Hehe..

Now let’s see what I can find on the virtual makeover sites…

Give, And You Shall Be Rewarded

I was really, really angry this morning. So angry I almost went out shopping again! But then I thought: I haven’t got anything for my sister! Wait till I bought her Christmas gift then I’ll have all the extra money for myself! Woohoo!!

And so, I decided to think of something else that would make me happy. Money. πŸ˜› Apparently, I haven’t been posting any paid posts lately due to my laziness busy schedule. Hehehe.. Oh have I mentioned? That FOOD can make you happy too. (No wonder they call it.. comfort food. Hmmm…)

Chocolate cake & Tiramisu.
Mmmm.. yummy!!

Oh, did you know there’s a nice company out there that goes by the name Car Angel? They are a non-profit company that uses car donation and other donations received in order to create videos for kids and teenagers? So far, they’ve managed to give away over 2.4 million videos! You can watch one of their video is YouTube too. Here’s the ad:


Now isn’t that sweet? Having a company that does sweet things for the children? Makes you think: “What can I give for the community this Christmas?”

Well, I’ve made a pledge to donate “something” to my church in Kunak. I can’t say what it is that I’m giving tho, because it is a “pledge”, not something to “brag about”. πŸ˜›

OK, that’s it for now. I’m kind of hungry already. I’m thinking of getting myself some burger. Talk to you later!

Oh So Unwell..

I hate, hate, hate it when it’s that time of the month again! I don’t know why but the moment I know I’m having “it”, my mood would totally change from a goodie to super meanie! I’d snap or bark at everyone who crossed my way. Well, not that I want to be meanie but given the painful stomach cramp I have, one would understand why the rotten mood.

Anyway, I spent my time watching a marathon of Brothers & Sisters on my Notebook. It was kind of fun at first, locked myself in the room so I don’t get to do or say mean stuff to anyone that gets on my way.. but then, I was not well fed. LOL! So what I did was I paused the show, went downstairs to the kitchen and start baking me some cupcakes!

Just mini cupcakes with simple icing top (because I was too lazy and I wanted something fast). So this is the result:

I did the icing myself while waiting for the cupcakes to bake in the oven.
Pretty neat, huh? πŸ˜›

Oh.. if you wonder how the cupcakes taste like?

Not bad at all! Hahaha! (masuk bakul angkat sendiri case ni…)

Bubur Labu

Gara-gara nampak labu being used as table decoration at an Italian restaurant last week, I couldn’t stop thinking of the word “pumpkin” and “porridge”. So today, I made myself a pumpkin porridge.

Simple one lar. Just pumpkin, sago pearls, sugar and santan (coconut milk). πŸ˜›

Pretty pumpkins ready to boil.

Finished product!

While some of you might not like the idea of pumpkin made into porridge, I on the other hand am a lover of pumpkin porridge! And I must say this: My pumpkin porridge was yummy! Ada lagi 2 mangkuk mangkali tu di dapur… hahaha!


Would you look at my precious creation?

If you have no idea what the heck is that..

it’s my chocolate cake!!!!!

Baked by yours truly^^ *mwahahahahaha!*

Well the toppings shouldn’t be that way actually, but since it was 3 in the morning and laziness got the best of me, I decorated the cake that way. Don’t laugh lar…

Taste wise?

Not bad lah..coz it’s a ready-packed choc recipe, just mix and bake. LOL! πŸ˜‰

A Cupcake A Day Keeps The Mood Swing Away

So much for my “I need to lose weight before Christmas” plan, look what I stuffed myself today:


Mmmmmm… what a delicious cupcake! (I’m stuffing my face with the cupcake while I’m blogging this) The buttercream icing is sooooo creamy (and fattening too!), I’ve got creams all over my face! *mwahahaha!*

Oh.. my mommy reads this blog of mine and saw the photos of my cake yang tak menjadi itu. She didn’t laugh at all! -which is so sweet of her. Instead, she texted me: I saw the cake photo and now I’m hungry lah.. Hehehe.. Mommy, when I’m back, I’m gonna bake you more of those cakes. :B

At the meantime, enjoy the cupcake photo saja lah.. LOL!


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