life right now..

(ohhh.. what a warm night tonight. it’s so warm, i think i’m going to pass out anytime)

so i haven’t been posting anything in my blog lately. life has completely turned from upside down toward upside. ha ha. my small business is suddenly flooded with custom requests for blog design, wedding deco, birthday party pack, christmas stuff etc! it definitely is a very busy month for me. in fact, i am already booked for december that i’m already worried whether i’d be able to bake some christmas cookies for my family!

but then again, like they say… busy means money. ha ha!

speaking of money, bunny might be having another music gig with his band mates sometime early next year in sarawak. with some money, maybe this time i can finally join him and his band mates. i would love to be part of the entourage! lol. i miss chatting with his band mates. they are a bunch of nice, crazy people. i can already imagine how his drummer would be like during the trip. with his snare case backpack and a small duffel bag (he travels light!).. with his cute way of talking. and then there’s the bassist who’s currently living in australia. he’s like a big brother to me. a very nice man who’s also a God-fearing guy. i cry whenever we send him off at the airport!

well, if the gig does happen, you will hear it from me! :)

in need of a new washi storage

i seriously have a serious problem.

first of all, my washi tape addiction is beginning to hurt my purse and there’s nothing i plan to do in getting it to stop. my washi tape collection is just growing and growing at each day. whenever the postman sends a notification of package, Bunny would go “more tapes?”

yes. it’s THAT serious.

and with the addiction problem comes the storage problem. i just recently got this wooden storage from kaison to store my washi tapes. but as it turned out, it could not fit all my tapes! i need a bigger storage! maybe i need those organizers for my cabinets to store my tapes! boo hoo!

i want NEED something like what torie jayne has:

washi storage

i need thaaaaaaaaat!!! uwaaaaaa!

of course, my washi tape collection is not as huge as hers, yet. to date, i only have about 30 washi tapes but it’s still growing. in fact, i am shopping for more washi tapes today. lol

if you have any idea where i can get those storage, please do let me know. my washi tape will thank you! 😀

vintage wedding stickers


just wanna let you know that i have come up with another new sticker design, specially made for weddings. it’s a vintage sticker design and it looks like this:


so if you like it and you know it clap your hands. *clap* *clap*

😀 i’m kidding. send me a message and you’ll be on your way of getting your own, beautiful vintage wedding stickers.

Late Night Posting

Updating my Etsy store page, Portfolio Page and Facebook Page at this wee hour. I find it really calming, working in the middle of the night: reason I like doing all those stuff at this hour. Tonight however is slightly different from other nights. Tonight, Bunny is fresh as a lemonade from his late evening nap. As of now, he’s playing on his guitar (which is connected to the line 6 guitar amp, I believe?) or was it the Marshall amp? I’m not sure.. but one thing’s for sure.. he’s playing along with the music that’s playing from my computer.

Oh well. Ada kawan juga tengah-tengah malam buta begini. 😀

The month of August.

The month of August is finally here. It’s supposed to be a month of joy for me, for it is the month when I celebrate my birthday. My partner’s birthday. My parents’ wedding anniversary. It is also the month where my brother’s getting married. Joy. This month is supposed to be it. Sadly, my puppy died just three days ago and it is so impossible for me to be happy.

But I was told, life goes on. Concentrate on the happy things and look forward for a better future. Yes. A birthday is coming up… maybe I should get a leather guitar straps at musicians friend for my partner to make him happy. After all, it’s his birthday!

The sound of music

It turns out that my old Blackberry would get stuck (or we Sabahan people like to call it as hang mid-song, whenever I play the online radio. Something that I grok on but still does it almost every day. I can’t work without music. I can’t stand the silence when I’m scribbling on my paper or trying to squeeze the juice out of my brain. Whenever the music stop, I’d go insane. Instead of focusing even a nanosecond of my energy into my work, I’d get mad, sometimes, throw a fit over the stupid phone.

Yes, I know I should’ve used my computer to play online radio – but that takes up a lot of memory usage. I work on both Illustrator and Photoshop most of the time, and they use a huge amount of memory. Like, A.LOT

“The Blackberry died again!”

“Play it on your computer.”


“I’ll turn on my music then.”


I dislike Bunny’s choice of music, so letting him play his music would be a torture to my dear ears. His current favorite is that song from the movie Magic Mike. I don’t know the title (and I do not wish to know!) but if you hear that song over and over again, you’ll puke blood. Seriously. I’d rather spend my money on a (err.. that thing you use to compose song), hand it to him and make him play his own composed song. That would be grand!

But as of right now, I’m in need of a new Notebook/Laptop so I can play my online radio without hurting the memory of my computer.