If you read my other blog, you’d probably read about my latest table lamp. I finally got one after months of stalking people who auctions table lamp on eBay! Hahaha! This is my Lovely Lace table lamp, courtesy of my Sunday splurge at MidValley earlier today.

Teddy bear does not come with the table lamp. For decorating purpose only. 😛

The table lamp is cheap only.. compared to the ones I saw in eBay. Only RM129.90 (with 10% discount too!). I really like this new table lamp of mine: even tho it wasn’t my first choice. My first choice was something in lavender color, but it was over RM200. :-( Since this one is cheaper, I get this one loh… Besides, it still has this chic, “English” look. *teehee* I’m a big fan of “English” stuff. Like English garden deco, English rose bedset, Englishman.. In fact, my dream room would be a room filled with everything “English”. (if possible, an Englishman in the room too) So far, I’ve only began like 20% of that plan. Will show you the result when it’s done.

Oh speaking of Sunday splurge, while browsing for gifts at Lovely Lace today, there was this sudden pain on my abdomen which I do not know why. My first thought was Shit, did I just got my period?! And there I was, at Lovely Lace, thinking of running to the pharmacy after the Lovely Lace affair for some PMS relief. Anyway, by the time I’m done shopping, the pain was all gone. Probably overjoyed from the lots of stuff i got. Haha.. (by the way, turned out I wasn’t having any period. Gastric most probably. LOL)

Sorry I can’t post all the items that I bought tho. Some of those were gifts I bought for my family and since my parents reads my blog, it’s better not to post the photos here else the gifts wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

But I can show you some freebie I got after spending RM244.80 at Lovely Lace.

Hari Raya “hung pau”! (money packet) Hahahahaha! Cute kan? I love the colors so much!! Too bad you guys won’t be getting any Raya money from me on these “hung pau” because I’m not gonna use them. They’re too cute to give away. Sorry folks, but I’m keeping them! 😛