I hate, hate, hate it when it’s that time of the month again! I don’t know why but the moment I know I’m having “it”, my mood would totally change from a goodie to super meanie! I’d snap or bark at everyone who crossed my way. Well, not that I want to be meanie but given the painful stomach cramp I have, one would understand why the rotten mood.

Anyway, I spent my time watching a marathon of Brothers & Sisters on my Notebook. It was kind of fun at first, locked myself in the room so I don’t get to do or say mean stuff to anyone that gets on my way.. but then, I was not well fed. LOL! So what I did was I paused the show, went downstairs to the kitchen and start baking me some cupcakes!

Just mini cupcakes with simple icing top (because I was too lazy and I wanted something fast). So this is the result:

I did the icing myself while waiting for the cupcakes to bake in the oven.
Pretty neat, huh? 😛

Oh.. if you wonder how the cupcakes taste like?

Not bad at all! Hahaha! (masuk bakul angkat sendiri case ni…)