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It’s HERE!!!!!



My Yankee Candle has finally arrived! Yahooooo! The moment I opened the jar, the smell of food & spices filled the air that I breathe. Ohhhhh… it smells soooo good, almost orgasmic. HAHAHAHA! I read that the scent of the candle could fill up the whole room if you burn it. However, I don’t think I’m gonna burn this candle. Sayang bah.. I’ll just arrange it nicely on a rack or something.

The candle doesn’t cost much but the shipping was sooooo expensive, like triple the cost of the candle itself! BUT.. it’s all good. The oh-so-delicious scent makes everything A-OKAY. *teehee*


I’m so in love with this candle, I’m gonna buy more of it. I’m thinking of getting the Honeysuckle, Sugar Cane & Vanilla, Mango Blossom… every scent if possible! lol. Maybe if I’m crazy enough, I might consider going to the States just to shop for Yankee Candles (and Shabby Chic stuff) – but not until I get myself a travel health insurance of course. lol


Ahhhh… my life’s complete. 😛



I adore the pink stuffs I have in my room and thanks to the many shopping places (both online and offline) on earth, I am able to fill my room with many more pink stuff. Haha! In truth, I’m not really a big fan of the color pink.. but I can’t deny that the color makes me happy. :-)

And speaking of pink, I just bought a set of tieback for my new curtain today. (I just got the curtain yesterday. teehee)


At only RM29 per set, the pale-pink tieback is one of my best purchase for today (apart from the Farmhouse Low Fat Milk, of course.. teehee) and I’m glad I bought it even tho I felt guilty at first. I love how the pendants dangle around the purple-pink flowers whenever I shake it. Hahaha.. I’m so happy, I feel like sleeping in the living room tonight so I could stare at the tieback all night long. LOL

Oh, I got a notice from the Post Office that a package from USA is waiting for me to pick up tomorrow. Ohhhhhh.. I’m so excited! It must be the pink Yankee Candle I ordered online! Aww.. I can’t wait for the daylight to come.


I never knew that computer networking stuff needs HDMI cables. 😛